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Can you help identify this tree

Comment from Michael Flynn

Hi, I'm on a bit of a mission to try and identify some of the trees and shrubs in my garden. I have attached a photo of a tree that is about 3 metres From the house. I'd like to find out what it is so I can find out how best to keep it under control and whether its roots might be dangerous to the foundations. Thanks

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  • Posted: Mon. 20th October 2014 20:55
  • Last reply: Tue. 21st October 2014 20:19

Can anyone identify this tree please?

Question from Ann Di Marco

I live in Sw France and am trying to identify, and eventually buy, this tree as it has all-round interest.

It is flowering now and the photos were taken last night but the light is not very good. The leaves are like lilac. Flowers dark pink. Situated in full sun. I had to use the full zoom on the flowers which seem to be dark pink with a dark purple centre. This tree/shrub is about 3m high.

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  • Posted: Sun. 19th October 2014 12:36
  • Last reply: Sun. 19th October 2014 19:03


Question from barbara vincent

When is the best time to prune spiraea?

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  • Posted: Tue. 30th September 2014 09:40
  • Last reply: Tue. 30th September 2014 14:48

Advice on treating this lilac

Question from Chris Wooff

We have a very old Lilac in our garden. There was a lot of dead wood on it which I cut away earlier this year to see what would happen. I was pleasantly surprised that the trunk has now started to make new growth (see attached picture). What would you advice wrt pruning this new growth? i.e. what should we prune and when?

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  • Posted: Tue. 23rd September 2014 12:11
  • Last reply: Tue. 23rd September 2014 14:34

Pruning hypericum androsaemum.

Question from kevin bellchambers

Can anybody tell me the best way to prune this type of hypericum for next seasons growth, it's now gone over and has been amazing with its lovely berries.
Many thanks kevin.

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  • Posted: Mon. 22nd September 2014 12:18

how to plant cercis forest pansy

Question from anne hubball

how to plant cercis forest pansy

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  • Posted: Sun. 14th September 2014 08:07
  • Last reply: Sun. 14th September 2014 08:57

Can i cut this tree back hard?

Question from Garry Pelka

The brances on this tree (i dont know the name either) have grown between 60-90cm over the course of the past year and are now getting a little out of control. Can i cut it back hard and take of most of that growth and if so, what time of year would be best?

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  • Posted: Sat. 13th September 2014 07:59
  • Last reply: Sat. 13th September 2014 23:50

where can I buy a iIex?

Question from Mr T Martin

Hi-ya, I have just asked where I can buy Ilex Night Glow, and you have asked what country I am in, I am in England, regards tom.

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  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Wed. 27th August 2014 20:32
  • Last reply: Tue. 9th September 2014 23:07

Escallonia 'Crimson Spire'

Question from rosier

Hello, fellow gardeners.

To me, 'crimson' means red, yet all the photos I've seen of this shrub suggests that the flowers are actually deep pink. I've never seen one in the flesh, so I'm hoping one of you may have one and can clarify what the flower colour actually is.

Many thanks in advance. :)

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  • Posted: Wed. 27th August 2014 18:41
  • Last reply: Wed. 27th August 2014 22:23

acer brilliantissimum

Question from anne hubball

how to prune acer brillianttisimum

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  • Posted: Sun. 17th August 2014 08:41
  • Last reply: Sun. 17th August 2014 09:41