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Garden design

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hydrangea semanii or petiolaris

Question from christine whitehouse

Based in Worcestershire, I have a large steep northfacing bank of very heavy clay above a pond - very dry and concrete like at the top, permanently wet and squidgy at the bottom. In the photo it is the central area part in sun part in shade about 5m by 3m. It doesn't get any sun from Sept through to April. At the moment there is only couch grass growing there, but my husband is getting fed up with the strimming... So I had in mind to grow something like a large leaved vigorous ivy and or one of the climbing hydrangeas on the basis that the roots could be kept cool and moist but they would climb up and cover the bank. Does anyone have any comments on this? or experience of hydrangea semanii in similar conditions? I would prefer evergreen rather than deciduous. Many thanks for any help.

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  • Posted: Mon. 22nd September 2014 15:03

Patio re-think

Question from Helen Marsden

I thought I would take down the old car port in my garden and replace it with a stone slab patio atop the concrete base. Now the structure is down I think it is too large and is set at an awkward angle in relation to the path. Should I keep a smaller area of concrete base, which bit, and what shape? I am stuck, and would be grateful for assistance. I prefer a softer country garden look. I guess I need curves but how?

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  • Posted: Thu. 18th September 2014 11:35
  • Last reply: Mon. 22nd September 2014 15:40

Patio Placement

Question from Helen Marsden

This is the side of my garden. The photo shows the large concrete base which used to be a car port (recently dismantled). We planned to cover this with stone slabs to make a patio - it is directly outside our dining room french windows. Now the structure has been removed I am not happy with it. I think it is too large, and the path next to the house emphasises that it is set at a different angle to the house & path. Would readers suggest removing the whole concrete base, the path, or both or keeping a section of concrete base for a patio, and which bit? I thought I had a plan but now I am stuck! The house is Victorian and I prefer a softer country garden look. I know I should be thinking curves but where to start!

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  • Posted: Thu. 18th September 2014 11:25

Plant associations

Question from Tojo

Can anyone advise me please on what goes well with white Japanese Anemones? I have two that I want to put between a clump of Euphorbia Wulfennii and another clump of Sisyrinchium - I don't know the variety but it's about 18" tall with yellow and white flowers.
Thank you for your help

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  • Posted: Mon. 1st September 2014 16:08
  • Last reply: Tue. 2nd September 2014 17:47

New beds with themes

Comment from Gill Greetham

Hi everyone I wish to design 2 new beds I have two themes in mind either (1) morning and evening, or (land and sea) anyone got any ideas on whcih plants could reflect either of these themes? As it seems the weather is turning thought that those of you stuck indoors on the computer might welcome this challenge and I could certainly do with the help. Thank you in advance - Gill

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  • Posted: Fri. 22nd August 2014 12:49
  • Last reply: Fri. 22nd August 2014 23:28

My plants list

Comment from John Burns

Hi - totally new to gardening and having problems knowing which shapes in the design software to associate with the plants in my list. I was hoping that the software would tell me what the plant looked like...???? Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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  • Posted: Sat. 16th August 2014 22:43
  • Last reply: Sun. 17th August 2014 10:40

Garden design tool

Question from sue

Hi been trying to access the Free Garden Design Tool, it keeps telling my free trial is no longer available and to update my subscription, but yet it is still advertised on the google internet search engine as being a FREE TOOL FOR GARDEN DESIGN. Didn't realise that there was a time limit to use this application from registration!

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  • Posted: Sun. 3rd August 2014 14:27
  • Last reply: Sun. 3rd August 2014 17:03

Garden Design Tool

Question from Philip Hudson

Can't seem to resize grid using the free version of the tool. Can access window where you can change width and depth, but dimensions are non-modifiable. Any ideas?

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  • Posted: Thu. 31st July 2014 20:01
  • Last reply: Thu. 31st July 2014 22:05

Advice on preparing a flower bed in awkward position

Question from Jim Haywood

I want to prepare a flower bed where a row of well established leylandii trees once were - these were the border between my property and next door and followed a downward slope along a short set of steps in my back garden. The trees have been chopped down to ground level and a tall lap fence erected in their place (SW facing). This has given me about 30-40 cm between the fence line and a line of wooden sleepers (which form a metre high retaining wall). There is also a shallow trench between these sleepers and the steps which I also want to prepare as a bed and plant up. I plan to plant some climbing plants (clematis, poss. honeysuckle, etc) plus some border shrubs into the space between the fence and sleepers, and maybe some rock plants, alpines, ferns, crocosmia, hardy bush fuscia maybe etc in the in-filled trench. Can you advise on how I need to prepare the bed between fence and sleepers, and how to prepare a plantable bed in the trough between sleepers and path. Difficult to describe - the key issue is how to provide enough nutrients for what I want to grow in amongst what is largely the roots system of the felled leylandii (which I cant dig or grind out). Will just putting in enriched topsoil over some drainage material be sufficient? Thanks!

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  • Posted: Wed. 23rd July 2014 15:17
  • Last reply: Thu. 24th July 2014 11:05

Help with Garden Design Tool

Question from Brian McHale

After giving up on the design tool on several previous occasions I have tried again (without success) to even get a curved lawn onto my garden design. The help manual does not appear to be very user friendly - I am following the instructions but still without success. Is there anyone out there that can advise or help me please? I am looking to totally re-design my small garden which has 90 odd herbaceous in it. It seems a shame being a member if I have to buy or try another sites design tool. Perhaps as others have mentioned some online tutorials might be useful?

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  • Posted: Sun. 13th July 2014 16:20
  • Last reply: Sun. 13th July 2014 17:53