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Shoot garden design software

Question from Gary Smith

Is there a way to make the template full page? I'm finding it awkward to use because I can't "see" the whole plot in one go - help!

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  • Posted: Wed. 5th December 2012 08:40
  • Last reply: Wed. 5th December 2012 10:41

Cardoons - How Flexible?

Question from Ian Betteridge

I would dearly love to have Cardoons in my garden for next year, purely because they attract so many bees etc. Every description I have, states "full sun" however in my garden I have a lot of partial sun (with long periods of direct sun) - how flexible are these plants?

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  • Posted: Sun. 16th September 2012 09:06
  • Last reply: Wed. 19th September 2012 21:09

Fuchsia Cuttings

General post from Ian Betteridge

Hiya, would it be Ok to take Fushcia cuttings now as we are in September?

Do you really need hormone powder?

Can I leave the cuttings out during the day but bring them in at night?

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  • Posted: Fri. 7th September 2012 18:55
  • Last reply: Wed. 26th September 2012 20:32

Dry Area

General post from Ian Betteridge

Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could help me?

I have a lovely cone tree out the back which I love to bits, however with any tree it does dry up the ground - so what plants would you recommend? Could I get away with some fuchsias if I water them on a regular basis?

Any ideas?

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  • Posted: Fri. 7th September 2012 18:48
  • Last reply: Mon. 2nd December 2013 10:53

Ideas as to what to plant appreciated

Comment from Alan Archer

Hi All, I have a bed underneath the front window which is 1m wide by 6m long, we have just had the drive way finished and are putting the house up for sale so want to plant the bed with lots of nice colour to add to the kerb appeal, the bed is in full sun what would you recommend filling it with? Any help appreciated, thanks.

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  • Posted: Tue. 12th June 2012 15:38
  • Last reply: Sat. 9th February 2013 22:47

North facing fence cover help please

Comment from Lindsay Sidwell

Hi everyone
Part of our fence faces north and is also quite close to a rowan tree.
I'm looking for a couple of good plants to cover it and put in some height - we can dig out more bed if necessary, that's not a problem.
Are Hydrangea Petiolaris and Skimmia worth looking at? I've planted an evergreen clematis that says it's shade tolerant but it's young and we'll have to see what it makes of its new home!

I've attached a pic (I hope!) so any suggestions or advice would be great.

I don't want to use Ivy really because it will grow through the fence panels and force them apart - and we're already over-run with it anyway!

Many thanks

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  • Posted: Tue. 5th June 2012 17:52
  • Last reply: Wed. 1st August 2012 19:31

Optimum size for buying trees?

Question from Lindsay Sidwell

We're trying to plan our garden and want to buy a few trees for it. We've read a number of articles both on the net and in various books about the ratio of roots to leaves etc., and it makes sense that the bigger the tree the more roots it needs to cope with being planted, so a lot of advice seems to be to go for younger/shorter trees which will take less time to establish their roots.
However, nearly all the garden centres and nurseries that we've visited offer their trees in very small containers compared to the height of the tree itself; some being twelve - fifteen feet high in a container no more than a couple of feet across and high. Leaving aside the right time to plant a tree, I'm keen to find out what experiences other Shoot members have had with buying and planting trees - what height is the best to go for what size container was the tree in? How long did your tree take to actually start growing and did it thrive?
Also, if a tree is 12-13 feet tall when it's planted with only a relatively small root system, isn't it going to struggle to remain upright, even with some pretty decent staking until its roots have managed to establish themselves?
Any advice and past experiences greatly received!
Many thanks

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  • Posted: Mon. 4th June 2012 21:51
  • Last reply: Tue. 5th June 2012 17:03

Has anyone attempted a minimalist garden design?

Question from Jurgen

Looking for anyone who attempted a minimalist design and is willing to share experiences and photos.

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  • Posted: Mon. 23rd April 2012 22:13
  • Last reply: Thu. 23rd May 2013 18:59

modesty fence solution needed

Question from

Hi Everyone,
My 1930s house is very close to our neighbours and in fact my large kitchen window looks right into their kitchen. I am finding it a little uncomfortable even though we get on fine. [I have moved my original back door to the end so we don't literally bump into each other en route to the washing lines].

The area is separated by a 4" waney lap fence but it is really too low and I would like to replace it with a higher one but the concrete posts are also only 4".

Can I get away with slipping in 6" open trellis panels so plants can grow through or will the extra 2" just wave around in the wind?

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd April 2012 15:41
  • Last reply: Wed. 1st August 2012 19:31

Finding a good vaiety of stepping stones

Question from Louise

I'm trying to find a circfular stepping stone that is in between 300-400 mm - 300 is a little on the small size for my garden - does anyone know of anywheer that sells a good range? Thankyou!

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  • Posted: Sun. 25th March 2012 17:10
  • Last reply: Sun. 25th March 2012 18:20