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  • 6th October 2019 Let's grow Shoot together! A new opportunity is coming soon to allow you to become and investor in Shoot and to join our exciting growth journey! View the full video and learn more here.

  • 1st July 2019 We are delighted to bring you Hampton Court Flower Show 2019 gardens with plant lists again this year. 

  • 22nd June 2019 Thrilled Shoot is featured in the Financial Times today! "Lakin suggested a plant care calendar (an idiot-proof “do this to this plant on this day”) and introduced us to — an online garden management system that for £59 a year maintains an inventory of your garden and sends you updates as to what you are supposed to be doing." 


  • This has become quite invasive. Spreads by suckering. Can anyone give it a name please

    Read full postRaymond Falconer | 4th Dec 2019 | 0
  • Would be grateful if someone could advise how you plot onto the design using triangulation ? I tend to use triangulation more often than right...

    Read full postSusannah Betts | 2nd Dec 2019 | 2
  • Plant - almost a metre tall, green/purple leaves, purple stems, a group of tiny white flowers at the top of each stem. I'm not sure if I planted it...

    Read full postAnthea Mundy | 2nd Dec 2019 | 0
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  • Buxus sempervirens
  • Paeonia lactiflora 'Sarah Bernhardt'
  • Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki'

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  • Rose
  • Prestwich Patio and Zen pool © Peter Clare 2019
  • Bespoke rose trellis
  • I plotted out my allotment so I remember where everything is. And the monthly care reminds me what to do. Brilliant!

  • With Shoot, all the relevant information and advice about my garden and allotment are at hand.

  • The monthly plant care instructions & monthly email reminders are just what I need to look after my garden!

  • The care calendar advises on the gardening I should be doing every month. Great site...I am proud to be a member.

  • This site is brilliant. The monthly "chores list" is so helpful. Later I'm going to add my allotment. Can't wait!

  • I love getting monthly reminders about what to do in my garden. Use it - it's great.

  • I love Shoot especially as I can log all my flowers & you tell me how to treat em. Finding Shoot has made my week!