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The new way to get a beautiful garden.

  • Allotment gardener growing peppers and tomato
    I plotted out my allotment so I remember where everything is. And the monthly care reminds me what to do. Brilliant!
  • Allotment gardener growing lettuce
    With Shoot, all the relevant information and advice about my garden and allotment are at hand.
  • Experienced gardener growing flower beds
    This site is brilliant. The monthly "chores list" is so helpful. Later I'm going to add my allotment. Can't wait!
  • Gardener in front of a greenhouse with a pot plant and watering can
    I love getting monthly reminders about what to do in my garden. Use it - it's great.
  • Experienced gardener enjoying his garden
    The monthly plant care instructions & monthly email reminders are just what I need to look after my garden!
  • Happy gardener cutting flowers from the garden
    The care calendar advises on the gardening I should be doing every month. Great site...I am proud to be a member.
  • New to gardening gardener growing flowers
    I love Shoot especially as I can log all my flowers & you tell me how to treat em. Finding Shoot has made my week!

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6th October 2015 Notice: a few members were sent a spam email today appearing to come from Shoot. We are aware of the spoofing and stopped it. There hasn't been any compromise to the website and we are working to prevent this happening again.

22nd September 2015 If you missed our talk today 'Expanding your business with Crowdfunding' please see our slides here.

27th August 2015 A major milestone for Shoot today! We just reached 20,000 plants in our plant a-z.



I live in a red squirrel conservation area and feed our local ones with a handful of hazelnuts each day. We've only been here 3 months and I'd like... Read full post

  • Anne Hopkirk
  • 6th Oct 2015
  • 0

This plant is in my garden. It has hairy leaves and a very strong smell which is not especially pleasant. Any ideas? Read full post

  • Eeles
  • 5th Oct 2015
  • 3

Hi, I bought these at a car boot sale as they reminded me of plants I saw on holiday in Cornwall. But I don't know the name of either of them...with... Read full post

  • carolyn fletcher
  • 4th Oct 2015
  • 5
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