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A new country garden

By Cheshire garden designer Robert S. Frier. A windswept, poorly drained site is transformed into a formal sunken garden on a grand scale.

The client wanted a garden in scale and proportion with the land and property, a productive area, a formal garden, a lake and swimming pond. A dynamic radial design was chosen which incorporates an extensive maze made of yew.

Country garden by garden designer robert s. frier

Here the sunken garden is finished looking fresh after a torrential storm.The garden is planted with tough low growing shrubs for a virtually maintenance free garden.

Plants list

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Berberi thunbergii Atropurpurea
Choisya t. Sundance
Cotinus Royal Purple
Cotoneaster horizontalis
Euonymus f. Emerald & Gold
Euonymus f. Silver Queen
Hebe Mrs. Winder
Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet
Lonicera nit. Baggessens Gold

By Robert S Frier