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Adobe Flash settings on Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome

If you cannot get our garden planner to work on Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome and you have already downloaded Adobe Flash, please enable Adobe Flash for this website www.shootgardening.co.uk in the settings for each browser.

For Firefox - there are different instructions depending if you are using MAC or a PC. Please click here for guidance instructions.

For Microsoft Edge - Please click here for guidance instructions. 

For Safari browsers

In the Safari browser go to Safari top right and choose the drop-down to select 'Preferences'

Safari preferences

Then select Adobe Flash and for the website www.shootgardening.co.uk select 'ON' at the right.

Safari preferences for Adobe Flash

The garden planner will then run in Safari

For Google Chrome browsers

In the Google Chrome browser click the padlock to the left of the website url. (see arrow below). Then click to 'Allow' and refresh the page. If you don't see 'Flash' straight away then go to 'Site settings' and scroll down and again click 'Allow'

How to enable Flash on Google Chrome

Then the garden planner will work in Chrome too.

If you have enabled Flash and it's still not working, a very common problem is being zoomed in on the webpage. To rectify this (as in the example below in Chrome) is to select the magnifying glass and then either click 'reset' or the '-' to go back to 100%:

Zoomed in on web page