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Anchor farm

By Blockley garden designer Alison Heitmann. This barn conversion courtyard looks out onto an open field with a pond and a very old tree. 

The client of this garden wanted a formal structured garden within the courtyard with plenty of interest and absolutely no lawn. The garden has been created to form four very different areas linked by York stone and cobbled pathways.

Anchor farm

In this image above you can see Angelica archangelica in the foreground, with Nepeta Six Hills Giant and Alchemilla mollis edging the path. Rosa Sombreuil with Clematis alpina Francis Rivis are on the first post on the right, Rosa Glamis Castle on the first left post, Rosa Francis E Lester on the second left post, and Rosa Pauls Lemon Pillar with Clematis alpina Pink Flamingo on the second right post.

Alsion heitmann

Above are Taxus baccata (Yew hedge to grow), Tilia euchlora on the right, and Buxus suffruticosa hedge with Buxus sempervirens balls in foreground. Lavandula stoechas Papillon, and Veronica longifolia Blauriesin at the foreground on the right.

Anchor farm

In this image above, you can see some of the same rich planting again, including Rosa Glamis Castle & Rosa Francis E Lester in the foreground. Nepeta Six Hills Giant, Alchemilla mollis and Hebe pinglifolia can be seen along the sides. And in in the background are Hosta Big Daddy and Hydrangea petiolaris.
Below are more images of this wonderful garden. At the front you can see Buxus sempervirens balls. And in the foreground left: Rosemarinus lavandulaceus, Taxus baccata Yew hedge, Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt.

Anchor farm

In the foreground right: Thymus vulgaris Hartington Silver,
Nepeta Six Hills
Giant with
Alchemilla mollis on path and Digitalis purpurea alba.

On the left post: Rosa Clarence House and Clematis armadii. And on the right post are Rosa Blush Noisette and Clematis viticella Polish Spirit.
Finally, this last image shows regular squares contain Tilia euchlora with young hedge behind

Anchor trees

Designed by Alison Heitmann