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Spring cleaning. The work really hots up now... If you've not carried out a big spring clean then get to it now!

Jobs for Late Spring

  • Pressure wash all the winter's grime from the patio and cut back the remains of last year's perennials and grasses.
  • You can carry on planting shrubs and trees but stick to container grown plants.
  • New herbs will be in the nurseries from April so make sure you get in early to get the widest choice of varieties. Try a new variety such as purple basil to impress your diner party guests. Start sowing this and coriander indoors on a warm window sill and cut back perennials such as sage to get bushy growth this year.
  • Start feeding the borders and give the remains of your bulbs a feed to help store up energy for next year. Don't tie up or cut down leaves yet until they have enough energy in the bulbs for next year.
  • Plant perennials outside and start sowing annuals, hardy annuals and biennials inside. The easiest way to a fabulous summer border on a budget is to use hardy annual seeds planted directly into the bed, you can start in late April when the soil has warmed up
  • And don't forget to start mowing the lawn!

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By Andrew Fisher Tomlin

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