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Bluebell Arboretum

Planting in this beautiful garden was started in 1992 and it now covers an area of nine acres.

British native trees were first planted to provide much needed shelter on this site. Into the wood that this created were planted hundreds of the choice, rare and unusual plants in which the nursery specialises. Please be aware this is not a wood full of bluebells, despite the name.

Bluebell arboretum

Although most of the large trees are still young, many of the shrubs and smaller trees already show their full beauty of form and habit and the arboretum has become a beautiful woodland walk with rare plant treasures on display to entice the real enthusiast! In May 2004, the arboretum was given the 'Greenwatch Award' by Derbyshire County Council for Environmental Sustainability!

Bluebell arboretum

Open for a number of National Garden Scheme days including: Weds, Suns 15, 26 Apr; 13, 31 May; 17, 28 June; 15, 26 July; 12, 30 Aug; 9, 27 Sept; 7, 25 Oct, Weds (9-5) Suns (10.30-4).

There is a charge of £2.50 per person for entry to the arboretum and gardens. The garden is on the Royal Horticultural Society list of recommended gardens to visit and R.H.S. members are admitted free of charge. With the exception of guide dogs, animals must be left secure in the owner's car, water bowls will be provided on request. Also, please be aware that the lawns and grass paths can become slippy during or after rain or frosty weather. When visiting, please wear sturdy footwear such as walking or Wellington boots.

By Robert & Suzette Vernon