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Chelsea Flower Show 10 Years Best in Show

We bring you the incredible winning 'Best in Show' gardens from 2010-2019 by the world famous garden designers including Andy Sturgeon, Cleve West, Phillip Johnson, Luciano Giubbilei, Dan Pearson, James Basson and Chris Beardshaw.

And don't forget, if you're inspired by any of the gardens, there is a plant list in each one that you can download and recreate at home using our new multi-plant add feature!

Chelsea Flower Show 2010 Best in Show Garden - Andy Sturgeon for The Daily Telegraph 

Inspired by travel, this contemporary gravel garden brings together flavours of the Southern Cape, the maquis shrubland of the Mediterranean, the chaparral of California and Mexico and the matorral of central Chile

The Daily Telegraph Best in Show Garden by Andy Sturgeon 2010

Chelsea Flower Show 2011 Best in Show Garden - Cleve West for The Telegraph

This beautiful garden is loosely inspired by a visit the designer made to the Roman ruins at Ptolemais, Libya, several years previously which planted the seed in his mind to create a contemporary, sunken garden for The Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph Best in Show Garden 2011 by Cleve West

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Best in Show Garden - Cleve West for Brewin Dolphin

Cleve West came back in 2012 to win Best in Show Garden again! This time with a garden demonstrating the popularity of topiary in gardens.

The Brewin Dolphin Best in Show Garden 2012 by Cleve West

Chelsea Flower Show 2013 Best in Show Garden - The Trailfinders Garden by Phillip Johnson

Trailfinders Australian Garden presented by Fleming’s was a showcase of Australia’s enviable natural beauty and Mother Nature’s timeless design. This garden reminds us that nature is the perfect reference for sustainable design, imperative in the 21st century.

The Trailfinders Best in Show Garden 2013 by Philllip Johnson

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 Best in Show Garden - The Laurent Perrier Garden by Luciano Giubbilei

The Laurent-Perrier Garden was designed to reflect the idea of physical composition through layering. It is a cool, contemplative garden showing how the more natural elements interplay with a simple geometric layout and continues Luciano Giubbilei’s interest in texture, form and light. 

The Brewin Dolphin Best in Show Garden 2012 by Cleve West

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Best in Show Garden - The Laurent Perrier Garden by Dan Pearson

2015 marked Chatsworth’s debut at Chelsea where Dan Pearson created a beautiful representation of a small – less trodden - part of the105 acre Chatsworth Garden.  In line with Pearson’s passion for naturalism and the wilder side of gardening, the exhibit is inspired by Chatsworth’s ornamental Trout Stream and Paxton’s rockery 

The Laurent Perrier Best in Show Garden 2015 by Dan Pearson

Chelsea Flower Show 2016 Best in Show Garden - The Telegraph Garden by Andy Sturgeon

For this garden, Andy selected plants from similar natural habitats to create a unique planting scheme that is future-proofed against climate change. Many were unusual plants that had not been seen before at Chelsea.

The Telegraph Best in Show Garden by Andy Sturgeon 2016

Chelsea Flower Show 2017 Best in Show Garden - The M&G Garden by James Basson

Inspired by the unique Mediterranean landscape and limestone quarries of Malta, the design for the M&G Garden drew on the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, which acts a microcosm for the planet as a whole. Malta has made significant inroads into dealing with its ecological challenges, such as scarcity of water, the need to recycle and composting: challenges that we all need to consider to protect the environment.

James Basson Best in Show M&G 2017


Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Best in Show Garden - The Morgan Stanley Garden for the NSPCC by Chris Beardshaw

Chris Beardshaw's garden design provided a metaphor for the emotional transition that takes place in a child as they experience the positive impact of the NSPCC’s work.

At the start of the garden, the direction of the path is unclear. It moves through a sheltered and densely planted woodland space, filled with a variety of shrubs, including a selection of acid-loving rhododendrons and azaleas, shaded by the canopy of large specimen trees.

The Morgan Stanley Best in Show Garden 2018 by Chris Beardshaw

Chelsea Flower Show Best in Show Garden 2019 - The M & G Garden by Andy Sturgeon 

Celebrating the beauty of nature’s extraordinary power to regenerate and colonise all kinds of landscapes with new growth, the M&G Garden was a vibrantly green and lush environment. It features a biodiverse range of pioneering plant species from around the world – including many unusual plants making their first appearance at Chelsea – all of which are able to grow and thrive in the British climate.

The M&G Best in Show Garden 2019 by Andy Sturgeon

All of the Chelsea Flower Show Best in Show Gardens from the last ten years have been unique and memorable. Sometimes inspired by far-flung countries, sometimes modern, sometimes traditional but always beautiful in their own way.

It's a testament to Chelsea how the gardens have grown to increasingly highlight how plant choice and design can help manage some of the environmental issues, that we face today.

We hope you have enjoyed this retrospective. Sometimes it's good to look at the past to see how far we have come.