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Cards on the table - I am not a big fan of Christmas trees. If you are buying a tree, how about replacing that tree somewhere by making a donation to the Woodland Trust, you can find out how through www.woodland-trust.org.uk and even buy someone a present of some native British trees - now that's what I call a real tree present!

Jobs for late autumn

  • Finish planting spring bulbs and early summer bulbs such as Alliums - these will look great next year at a fraction of ready grown prices.
  • Prune back roses and other shrubs that need controlling now.
  • Cover ponds with netting to catch the first leaf fall.
  • Finish autumn lawncare such as aeration and top dressing
  • Get winter treeworkdone - you can get details of recommended tree surgeons from Shoot
  • Put your feet up and order seeds for next year.

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By Andrew Fisher Tomlin

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