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'Distance' Garden Design Listing

We have started a list of garden designers who can help you with garden redesign projects remotely.

Remote garden design at a distance for coronavirus

With the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have seen a flurry of interest from homeowners in their gardens. Are you looking for remote garden design services and consultancy from a 'safe distance'?

Professional Members of Shoot

Daniel Shea Garden Design, Hertfordshire

Daniel Shea Garden Design, Hertfordshire is offering a remote design and consultancy service to help you get your garden looking beautiful

  •     Please provide a survey of the garden to include boundary dimensions. 
  •     Photo's of the garden, information on the soil.
  •     Where are the sunny spots and more shady areas?
  •     Provide a description of what you would like to achieve
Tara Dalton | Garden Design and Consultation, Sevenoaks Kent

Tara Dalton Garden Design is offering the following services:
Following a conversation with the client, the client sends a set of photographs, a video and rough dimensions of the garden. On acceptance of the quote, we then send a questionnaire to the client for them to complete. If a survey is required and access to the garden is possible without entering the client's house, we carry out the survey. We then prepare plans and mood boards as usual. 
The bottleneck at the moment is getting hard landscaping done as it is difficult to get materials or for work to be carried out by just one person on site. However, compost and plant deliveries are easier to come by and can be done so long as social distancing rules are complied with. I  am working with my son who is living at home during his gap year and we are able to take delivery of plants and set out and plant or arrange planting through contractors who are also able to maintain social distancing in their operations. We are also providing video guidance on planting for clients who wish to do their own planting but lack experience.


Heartwood Garden Design, St Albans

Summer is coming and Heartwood Garden Design is offering a new online Planting Design service. All we need is the dimensions of the garden border and a sketch. We’ll ask you questions about your location and the type of plants you would like. We create a planting plan, and we can also provide aftercare with online plant experts Shoot Gardening. Starting from just £15 per square metre, call us today for your Planting Design.

Heather Martin Garden Design, Linfield (West Sussex)

Heather Martin Garden Design are offering remote design consultation and the full range of garden and planting design services. We are based in Sussex, UK, but with online consultations our office can come to you, wherever you are! After a telephone consultation we will send you a link for a face to face meeting and discuss your preferred garden style. We will explain how to measure your outside space and all of the information we will need to provide you with a design for your new garden. We also offer a planting design service creating plans for you to follow so that you can makeover your borders yourself and enjoy them this Summer - many nurseries are still offering home deliveries of plants so this is a great way to support them and get your garden looking fabulous. Thank-you to Shoot for sharing details of our services. Stay home, stay safe and enjoy your garden.

The Cheshire GardenCheshire

We can design a planting plan for a border if the client can send us a sketch of the border, dimensions and a few photos.

For garden design layouts where hard and soft landscaping are involved we are instructing clients on how to carry out the garden survey themselves. Of course the measurements will require checking before any build work is carried out, but it means that we can get on with designing their garden while we are on lockdown so that everything is ready for the build as soon as we are let out again! We are conducting client meetings via Zoom which as you know has the benefit of being able to share my screen with the client.

Tracy Foster Garden Design, Yorkshire

‘Have you got an area of the garden to plant up, or would you love a new planting scheme for part of your garden? I am offering a NEW service to design your planting – all done by phone, email and internet. To get started I need a rough sketch of the area to be planted, some measurements and a few photos – then the process can begin? Interested? Contact me and ask about PLANTING DESIGN’

Laing Landscape DesignEdinburgh

With more time in our hands, now is a fabulous time to get out and get busy developing your own garden. A well resolved garden design can be treated like a recipe for you to follow and work through at your own pace.

We can work together through video or phone consultation to achieve a brief for your garden and develop a design using photographs and sharing a scrapbook of ideas and images. Whether you want a total garden redesign or help bringing new vigour to planted areas we can work out a positive way forward.

If needed I will supply guidelines for measuring and describing your existing garden so that I can draw plans for you. My usual services can easily be adapted to your specific needs. Stay well and get out and enjoy your garden.

Green Oak ServicesTonbridge Kent. Our two ways of serving you remotely are:

Instant Planting Schemes
High-impact, fresh planting ideas for your garden, large or small, that can be implemented quickly and easily. See the transformation in mere weeks.
For this, we schedule a video call and do a plant audit of your garden to see how we can add some drama. We assess what plants you have, what to revitalise and what to add. We can make practical planting suggestions for screening or tricky spots, and give your garden that professionally designed look at a fraction of the usual cost. You can share your favourite garden styles via images or Pinterest boards and we will send you a plan, a plant list for ordering your plants online, and easy-to-follow instructions for planting them successfully yourself.

Full Garden Designs
This includes patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, water features, outdoor lighting, and of course planting. If you are planning to have your garden redesigned to create some amazing outdoor living and entertaining areas, you don’t have to wait! We can prepare extensive designs remotely that can be ready for install by us or others as soon as lockdown restrictions ease. Give us a call to get some ideas.

Gerbera Designs / Gardening4Kids, Kirkton of Bourtie (Near Aberdeen)

Gerbera Designs is offering the following: Planting Plans Online and offering Garden Design consultation vouchers.

Richard Rogers DesignsBuckinghamshire 

Remote garden and planting design service: Right now there are 2 main options

1.     We can still do a complete garden redesign. This is possible to do remotely and with site visits if this is possible without entering your house. We have written an article on how a garden can be redesigned during this pandemic – see below. It is unlikely however that the garden could be built until current restrictions are lifted as it is hard for landscapers to get all materials. However, it can still be worth engaging us to design the garden for you now as the design process and work involved in getting competitive quotes can take quite some time. When restrictions are lifted you will then be well positioned to start the build of your garden – ahead of others.

2.     We help you design your planting. Whilst retail garden centres have stopped trading, it is currently still possible for us to source plants from the wholesale nurseries that we usually use. Using photos and drawings of you garden we can design planting schemes and have plants delivered. We can either produce planting plans for you to plant yourself, or – if we can access the garden – can plant for you.

How we can redesign your garden during the pandemic: https://www.richardrogersdesigns.com/gardendesignduringapandemic/

Dave Hodson Gardens, Gwent

Stuck at home at the moment and itching for a project? If you are lucky enough to have a garden this might a perfect opportunity to start work on the garden you've always dreamed of. Garden Designers are here to help and in the current situation their range of services are available a safe and socially isolated phone call or email away. Dave Hodson Gardens is based in South Wales but available worldwide at the moment to provide help and advice. Fees are something we can discuss when you get in touch, we can provide concept plans, construction plans, planting plans and ongoing help and advice, but just to get in touch for a chat about your garden is free and we would love to see how we can help.

A plan of your garden isn't a necessity, and to be honest for a lot of work high accuracy in that plan isn't required. However, it will help you and I work towards the best possible realisation of your ideas. It's amazing how much information can be downloaded from photographs or video calls, rough plans and sketches and resources such as Google Earth.

Here are a few tricks to help you get us the information we might need. 

  • Photograph your garden from each accessible corner making sure everything is covered. 
  • Photograph your garden from an upstairs window to give a rough plan view.
  • Take pictures of the features outside your boundaries showing views you'd like to block and those you'd want to keep. 
  • Try to accurately measure if possible the length and width of your garden and if possible diagonals that can help us fix the position of your boundary. If you can't accurately measure lengths then it's totally OK to just pace these distances. 
  • Include things of known length in your photographs for instance if you photograph the house measure the longest side you can see in the photograph. Another trick is to photograph things of known length, fence panels are usually 6' in the UK and bricks are standard sizes.
  • Note down different levels in your garden measuring up or down from fixed datums like steps or patios. 
  • Note the direction of the sun at midday. Note which areas of your garden are in full shade or full sun. 
  • Take pictures in leaf if possible of all the plants you want to keep. 

At the end of the day drawing up a plan is actually quite good fun and will definitely be rewarding in the long run. Good luck and stay safe.

Pacey-Buck Garden Design, Shropshire 

Pacey-Buck Garden Design is offering remote design consultation and a full range of garden and planting design services. We are based in Shropshire, UK, but with online consultations our office can come to you in the surrounding counties. Staying within our local area ensures that recommendations for suppliers are tried and tested. After a telephone consultation we will send you a link for a face to face meeting and discuss your preferred garden style. We will explain how to measure your outside space and all of the information we will need to provide you with a design for your new garden. We also offer a planting design service creating plans for you to follow so that you can makeover your borders yourself. Many nurseries are still offering home deliveries of plants so this is a great way to support them and get your garden looking wonderful. You may need to consider alternatives to the usual bedding plants this year so we are happy to guide you with new planting ideas.

Serenity Gardens by DesignHertfordshire

Serenity is offering ‘distance' garden design.  Please send us details of your garden requirements and we can take it from there.

Blue Daisy Garden Design, Warwickshire

We are a Garden Design and Planting Design specialists and we also offer this service remotely too which helps to keep garden projects moving during the lockdown!  We are asking interested customers to get in touch with us, we will send out some forms for them to complete so we can get more of an understanding of their particular project and then we can get started on transforming their garden space!

Austin Design WorksGloucestershire

How we work remotely:

  • We send out a questionnaire to potential clients asking them for their ideas for their project, the size of the garden, their budget for the project and any restrictions on the site such as .
  • We request a virtual tour of their garden using video such as WhatsApp which can be easily uploaded and used to get an idea of the existing issues and spaces as well as photos from the upstairs windows etc., a guide will be provided.
  • We hold an initial Skype meeting to get to know each other a bit and find out more about the project and describe how we work.
  • Based on the address and post code we will do a desk top study making use of online mapping tools to get the orientation and setting of the property and a planning search to check for any restrictions or planning applications that have been made.
  • If there are existing surveys that is brilliant but land registry plans or even house sale particulars can also be used for the initial concept stage. If there is no existing plan, then we send a guide for clients to use to get a rough idea of measurements and heights.
  • We base our concept sketch design options on the information initially available and then require more detailed topographic survey for detailed design.
  • We hold regular meetings via conference call or Skype and if the property is within an hour’s drive we can come and look around the garden whilst maintaining social distancing.

The services we are offering are full, however we suggest starting with Stages 1-3 for remote working:

  1.     Site Appraisal
  2.     Development of the Brief
  3.     Sketch Design Options with Illustrations and Mood Boards
  4.     Outline Cost Advice. The next stage requires detailed site survey information usually surveyors can go to site whilst maintaining social distancing.
  •     Design Development and Planning Applications where necessary
  •     Detailed Construction Drawings, Planting Plans, Specification and Schedules
  •     Find a landscape contractor by tendering the works
  •     Manage and administrate the landscape contract
  •     Source plants and set them out
  •     Provide maintenance advice and post contract review
Valentina VulpiCounty Durham
Consultancy by the hour on any aspect of a garden and gardening, contact me for further info. Photographs of the garden might be necessary. Design work may be possible for some sites on production of photographs, videos and accurate dimensions. The client will have to complete a questionnaire as well as be available for phone consultations. For Planting plans I will need dimensions of the area to be planted and the soil pH, A phone interview will establish site conditions (sunny, shady) and plants preferences.


Tilia Garden Design, Enfield, London

I can offer planting advice, planting plans and garden design plans. Details below:

The initial consultation will be provided via facetime or zoom if you don’t have an iPhone. During this virtual meeting, we can discuss your needs and ideas for your garden. I will then require the following from you to progress the design:
  • A site survey which includes garden dimensions etc. I will talk you through what is required along with providing an essential factsheet on what you need to provide.
  • Photos of your garden or border to be designed – As many as possible and from all angles! A short video of the whole garden is also useful
  • A completed design questionnaire – I will email this over for you to fill out so that I understand what your vision is.

Amanda Fuller Garden Design, Cambridgeshire

Amanda is offering a remote garden design and consultancy service during the COVID-19 lockdown period. This can be for either a single border planting plan or a complete garden redesign.

Meetings will be carried out via video conferencing. The client will be guided through taking relevant measurements and providing photographs. A desk-based survey of the garden and soil type will also be carried out. Plans will be provided electronically and the Shoot website will be used to provide plant information and maintenance plans. A plant sourcing service is also offered taking advantage of trade-only nurseries offering delivery services. 

Jane Bingham - The Cheshire Garden, Cheshire

I am also happy to discuss planting design services with anyone who would like some help deciding on plants 

Sprout Up, London

Sprout Up is managing to run a full design service remotely for clients looking to make more of their outdoor spaces. Whether it's for your to get on and build in lock down or to get the process started for as soon as builds can start up again. Here's how it works;

  • You send an email with some pics of your garden and what you are aiming for, we will then have a phone chat so I can quote.
  • I will lead you through how to deliver enough dimensions for me to draw up a rough survey of the space.
  • We work on pinterest to discuss style and materials.
  • I email a design proposal with enough detail either for you to build or for a contractor to quote on.

We can also offer facetime maintenance advice if you just don't know what to be doing in your garden. As well as planting advice, this includes planting veg with children or creating composts, whatever help you need we can give you a hand, remotely.

Garden Blueprints by Joanne Kennedy, North Leicestershire

With over 30 years of planting experience, we will provide you with the perfect Planting Design Scheme, both for new and existing gardens. 

Our new online planting design service gives you the perfect plants for the perfect place in your garden.

  • Contact us and we will send you a questionnaire so we can gather information on soil condition; size (dimensions) and position of border; whether sunny or in shade; sheltered or exposed; desired colour schemes and the level of maintenance you prefer

  • Send us dimensions of your border along with your completed questionnaire – feel free to include photographs/videos

  • You can then opt for an online consultation to discuss the questionnaire and your planting requirements

  • We work with Shoot Gardening to provide you with a comprehensive list of plant suggestions and online aftercare information 

Ann Balmforth, Dorchester


Following an email/telephone enquiry I offer a 1-2hr video call with potential clients to discuss their requirements and preferences. I then email a summary of these together with a detailed quotation in 4 instalments. If they accept the quotation and pay the first instalment, my husband and I conduct an onsite survey, taking all refreshments with us plus maintaining social distancing & hand washing.  I then create the design in 3 phases (mixture of hand and computer drawn), with all discussions by emails & video/telephone calls.  I usually suggest that clients with a cap on their budget request estimates from landscapers before I “ink” in the Outline Plan. This can mean projects have to go on hold as many landscapers have closed temporarily.


Megan IsaacVerbena Landscape & Design, Devon

We are offering a range of Garden Design and Planting Packages to help beautify your outdoor space.  We have been doing this for various clients in London and around, so with the assistance of technology we can achieve great results. Give me a ring so we can discuss what you would like to achieve in your garden for this summer and I will run you through the process.   

Catherine Clancy Garden Design, London

I  understand that the coming months will be a difficult time for everyone.  We are all spending more time in our homes and gardens and it is a perfect time to look at jobs to do, and come up with ideas to make your garden more attractive and productive for the summer. I am still working from home and can help you with your garden remotely. I can do site visits if you would like me to, providing you have suitable access to the garden. The landscapers I work with are still happy to work in your garden if that suits you, throughout the outbreak. It is a perfect time to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors and to focus on creating a calm, nurturing space at home. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us. 

Green Gardens Education & Designs, Atlanta Georgia USA

Green Gardens Education and Designs is able to consult with new clients via remote technology. Surveys of property can be done without any personal contact.  All of my design work is done on the computer and communication with the client can take place over the phone, text or emails. Don’t let social distancing stop you from enjoying your property.

Garden Angel UK, Portsmouth

Garden Angel UK Ltd provide a garden design and build services in Southsea and the local area. Currently we can provide the design via email using your basic garden measurements and some photos. we can then supply and install the garden if your plot allows remote access and there is no customer contact.

Frances Stewart Gardens - Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire & surrounding areas

While we're all managing our lives differently at the moment, lots of people are spending more time in their gardens. I'm still designing gorgeous gardens and planting them whilst following all social distancing guidelines. 

Give me a call and we can discuss what you would like from your outside space. As I won't be in your home getting to know you and your garden, it's important that we spend a bit of time on this so I can design the right garden for you. I will need some measurements and photos and a few other things.  I can still do this by visiting as I'll be on my own, but you can do it if you would prefer - I'll explain everything.  I'll do all the design work and email you pictures of everything.  Then we'll discuss it all (phone, FaceTime, whatever!) I've done a few of these already and they work well! 

If you want planting design, we can book it all in and order the plants as my nursery is still delivering. If hard landscaping is involved, that may take a little longer due to supply and social distancing, but your design will be ready to go when life gets back to something more normal. I look forward to creating a beautiful garden for you that you can relax in and spend this unexpected time enjoying!

Nadine Mansfield Garden Design, Cheshire

I am offering distanced design consultations with clients via what's app or zoom calls. I ask that the client 'shows me around' or if they prefer then can send me some photos of the space along with information on exposure, measurements and details about the soil. I'll get a brief from them on what they require and then create a quote. I'm providing planting schemes and am able to get plants delivered directly to the client for them to plant themselves, or I'm working alongside gardening professionals who will do this in line with social distancing guidelines. 

Karen Holley Designs - Weybridge, Surrey

If you have never worked with a designer before, it might help if I outline the Process. First I need to come and see your garden to discuss the project you have in mind. This first meeting or a design brief will usually take an hour or so, and it is important that all decision makers are at this meeting. After the client brief I will send you a written version of the Brief, and my proposal for your new garden based on our meeting and give you a firm quotation in writing for all the design work discussed. The Quotation clearly shows what is included in the costs. A payment plan is also outlined.

Once you have asked me to proceed I will:

  • Carry out a survey and draw up a site plan, I will provide an outline layout plan along the lines discussed at our initial consultation. Depending on the project I usually prepare a preliminary proposal for discussion before proceeding to the final plan.
  • Once the outline plan is agreed, I can contact landscape contractors to provide estimates as required.
  • Provide detailed working drawings ready for construction by the client or contractor.
  • Prepare detailed planting plans and plant lists.
  • Supply plants and supervise planting.
  • Unlike interior design, a garden never stops growing and one of the most satisfying aspects of the job is to provide after care and advice to the client for many years after the project is completed.

Earth Designs - London, Essex

Earth Designs is a London garden design and build company specialising in modern garden landscapes and funky outdoor spaces, although we still love to create traditional gardens as well. Earth Designs offers a total concept to completion service and is with you through every step of your landscaping project to help you realise your perfect outdoor space

Haywood Landscapes - Kent

Haywood Landscapes offer a highly professional and integrated garden design and construction service (or 'design and build'). This means an imaginative design to suit you, your home, your lifestyle and your budget, delivered to completion seamlessly and with no hassle. 

Kate Charles Garden Design

Kate Charles Garden Design is offering the same bespoke design service, but remotely. I can use your own photos, videos and measurements alongside online mapping services to recreate your garden in 3d. Once we've agreed your brief and budget, I'll produce concept sketches and your design, talking them through at each stage via online meetings, and send the final design via email once you're happy

Topia Garden Design - Cheshire

Award winning Cheshire based designer Elaine Rutherford MSGD works with tried and trusted landscapers to turn the vision into reality and see your project through to completion

Lancashire Rose Garden Design - Wigan, Lancashire

We can offer a remote service providing full garden redesign or planting schemes for sections of your garden. For any option the process will be as follows:- Client completes a questionnaire on their ideas for the project with size, budget and any needs and wants together with any restrictions on site. I'll ask for a virtual tour of the garden or section of garden using Whatsapp or other app which we can share. We'll then hold an online meeting (Skype, Zoom etc.. )to say hello and discuss options. A quote will then be sent. Based on the option chosen by the client, we can then proceed and I will start by creating a desktop plan using online mapping tools and client provided data

The offering will usually include:-

  • Draft designs *3 (typically different but with the aim of getting the client to test and clarify their vision for the project...)
  • Final design (2D in Shoot report) with full plant list 
  • Optional sourcing of plants (online during Covid19) - extra charge
  • Optional 3D image - extra charge
  • Optional laying out and planting if social distancing can be observed to be paid at an hourly rate ( typically £30 ph). 

The client would need to be within an hour's drive of WN8 

Camilla Grayley Garden Design - Yorkshire

Planting Design: Following on from having a chat (phone call, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime - if you'd like to show me round your garden) to include what kind of plants, what kind of site it is (is it enclosed, subject to prevailing winds, type of soil) I will provide instructions on taking basic measurements of the existing or new border. From here I will provide a planting plan and a plant list along with a list of nurseries that are providing doorstep deliveries or mail order services so that you can turn your garden into a plant filled haven in time for summer.

Garden Consultation: If you're thinking of making bigger changes and would like help in deciding where to start following on from an initial chat, some basic measurements and a bit of help from Google Earth I can provide initial ideas and sketches so that you are ready to get your project underway once lockdown is over (the measurements will be checked on site and any drawings amended prior to the hard landscaping work starting) and create your ideal outdoor space.

Christine Fowler Garden Design - East & West Sussex

I am a garden designer based in Arundel and I have just launched a new Virtual Planting Design and Plant Supply offering in response to the current situation.

I have now delivered 2 new planting schemes to clients since lockdown whilst adhering to Covid-19 Protocol to keep everyone safe whilst providing the joy of a beautiful garden ready for the summer.

A full garden design service is also available to get clients ready and in the queue for when the landscape contractors can return to work to build again.


1.      CONSULT

Discuss your garden over the phone, including dimensions, aspect(when it gets the sun) and what you like and dislike about it.

2.      DESIGN

A planting scheme created to suit you, your garden and your budget.


Quality plants supplied from trusted local nurseries.


Christine Wilkie Garden Design

We are still designing gardens during the lockdown period while adhering to the Government's guidelines to make sure we keep our teams, and our clients, safe. If you'd like help transforming your garden, then please get in touch with us by phone or email and we'll be happy to talk through our distance garden design services - and share ideas on how you can rethink, revive or renew your outside space.

Plant People - West Sussex

We offer planting plans, gardening advice & information sessions, Plant Identification and pruning advice, Gardening lessons, Garden design.


Gardens by June Leicestershire


My service offering is Consultancy, advice, Plant lists, a simple garden plan if provided with measurements.

Bramley Apple Garden Design - Hampshire

If you are lucky enough to have a garden to retreat to during the lockdown, you may have rediscovered your love for the outdoors and felt the real benefits of fresh air, the pleasure of sitting with a coffee and appreciating nature. This may be one of the surprise positives that remain after life starts to resemble a form of normality and you may already be thinking about how you can utilise your garden space more effectively. Home office, dining outside, BBQ’s, a safe area to play, are some of the popular activities.
Working from home myself for the last 10 years, I am continuing to produce garden designs with adaptations to ensure social distancing. An old fashioned chat on the phone is a great way to start the process off and then we can use a combination of technology and social distancing to move your project along to completion of design plans. There are some problems sourcing materials when it comes to the construction of your garden but it is still possible, and my preferred landscaper has so far managed to source everything they need from their trusted suppliers. Our trade nurseries are doing a great job and there have been no problems sourcing plants.

So a new project and a chance to plan for the future might be just what’s needed right now. I’m busy in my office and rediscovering the joys of growing vegetables this summer! Give me a ring if you’d like to chat.


My Country Garden Design SolutionsBerkshire

 Faith Ramsay (Bartlett) is offering remote garden designs as well as in person visits during the lockdown.

Bliss Garden DesignNorthamptonshire

Led by Carol Bliss, we are offering a remote garden design and consultancy service. This can be for either a single border planting plan or a complete garden redesign. Now is a good time to start to realise your dream garden.

The client brief can be completed by completing a questionnaire. You will be guided through taking relevant measurements and providing photographs. A desk-based survey of the garden and soil type will also be carried out. Plans and 3D illustrations will be provided online. The Shoot website will be used to provide plant information and maintenance plans. A plant sourcing service is also offered taking advantage of trade-only nurseries offering
delivery services. 

We can provide project management and installations in the counties of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire and for on-site visits once the shutdown is over.

Other professionals

Amanda Patton Landscape & Garden Design 

I’ve started a distance design service to provide a DIY project for clients.  The projects will requir no hard landscaping or building works and will be planted with quick-growing flowers for immediate impact this summer.  Everything will be done remotely, so there will be no need for any personal contact.  It will give people – and perhaps whole families – a project to get stuck into that will get them out of doors and exercising, and at the end, when we are hopefully through the immediate crisis, it will give them a beautiful garden for the summer.  For a small one-off fee, clients receive easy to follow step-by-step instructions for each stage of the process, from measuring to creation.  I’ve called it Coronagardens; please see my website 

CG Landscape Associates (Ruth Marshall)

Coolgardens Landscaping, or CG Landscape Associates as we have just become, can still offer a full design service, from initial free web consultations right through to wonderful concept designs, construction detailing and costing of landscape work ready to roll when we are allowed to! Our team of talented designers are working from home and we have found collaborating internally and with our clients has worked well so far. Contact our head of design Eike Selby with any query on design, or Phil Lindfield our Director in charge of Landscaping with any Landscaping Queries 

John Nash Associates, MSGD, MBALI Based in St Albans

John Nash is an Award winning Garden Designer and Landscaper with a reputation for creating unique and inspiring contemporary gardens.

Stacy Tuttle Garden Design
Breathing life into your outdoor space
In line with government guidelines I have expanded Design Direct so that I can safely offer the same friendly and flexible garden design service to clients.
Consultations take place by phone,  email and videocall. The client supplies photographs and measurements of the garden and I use the information provided to draw up a scale plan of the new garden to the client's brief. 


Mark Robertson, Exeter Garden Design (EGD Landscape Architecture)

I am able to design gardens remotely using sketches traced over clients photographs for initial ideas. I can also produce master and planting plans from clients recording and sending garden dimensions. This service potentially be useful to people isolated in the UK or indeed internationally. Although this service is not listed on my website. My more usual design process can be modified to accommodate this present need. Please contact me for more details.

Hannah Phillips, HP Garden Design, based in East Northants.

During these uncertain times while personal, professional travel and contact is restricted I am happy to be able to offer a distance design service for those who are looking to make the most of their gardens despite the logistical challenges. You could be looking for some advice on revamping a single border or, looking to embark on a whole garden redesign, I can provide friendly, straightforward advice to getting the most out of your outdoor space.

Distance design is most suitable for straightforward sites.  It will require photos, measurements and enthusiasm from yourselves!  I can provide you with a range of drawings to work to - from a planting plan for a single border to a master drawing, covering the whole garden that allows you to work towards your ideal garden at your own pace or, with the assistance of a professional landscaper when circumstances allow.  I am happy to work flexibly around your requirements.  

Jane Harries Garden Designs
I have been providing garden design work and planting plans by post, phone and email for 10 years. Please see my website for further details, including what information to provide, previous work and costs.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Maitanne Hunt Design - based in London
Over 15 years experience in creating elegant gardens and landscapes, captivating the eye and harmoniously linking the spirit of the place and the client's wishes. Nothing is too small or too big (or too complex!)


Sophie Williams - Sanctuary Garden Design - based in Nottingham
Sanctuary Garden Design was established in 2017 by Sophie Williams. The Nottingham based garden designer, transforms gardens from ordinary places into inspiring spaces. She believes that our gardens should help us find peace, wellbeing and escape.


Jo Manfredi-Hamer Garden Design - Yorkshire

Offering design plans, consultancy and planting plans provided you can provide pictures.  If you are interested in taking this time to plan your new space get in touch

The Bearded Botanist, West Midlands

Planting plans and soft landscape design

Melanie Speak Garden Design

Has a passion for gardening and can truly appreciate what value a personalised outdoor space has. I love to create beautiful outdoor environments for people to enjoy and is currently offering a distance garden design service. 

Jonathan Mark Garden Design

Offering a distance garden design offer with 20 % off all Garden Designs, incl 3d animated walkarounds.

Marie Shallcross Senior Partner | Plews Garden Design

I am offering a distance garden design offer. price will vary depending on how much work is needed, but I was expecting to start it at £105

Plantbased garden design

Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, I cover the West Midlands, Cotswolds and South West, and also offer a design service by correspondence, 9to clients anywhere in the UK. I'm a fully qualified gardener and designer, and I offer a dynamic research service as part of the sourcing stage, bringing sustainable and low impact materials into your new garden. 

Jenny Burke Garden Design


Do you want a new border? I can design one for you remotely. All I need are photographs of the site and surroundings, as well as a sketch showing dimensions I will then contact you for further information.

Lucy Bravington Design - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwichshire

I am offering a remote garden design service and detail my 10 step guide to a dream garden design during lockdown on my website.

To start, email your brief or complete the design questionnaire.  As much detail as possible please, images and rough measurements would be great!  Please call if you prefer, to discuss your project.

You can relax in the knowledge your has been designed to fit your brief, is priced and booked in ready for when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted or, if possible, can be constructed soon following government social distancing guidelines.

Nina Baxter - Nina Baxter Garden Design - Kent

If you’re looking for garden ideas, whether you use your garden for entertaining, relaxing, or family time, we can help make your outdoor dream a reality.

Whatever your style and your available space, from small gardens to larger landscapes, we can design, landscape, plant and transform a garden you can enjoy all year round, and which will be an asset to your home.

We offer garden design and garden landscaping in Beckenham, Bromley, Bickley, Chislehurst and many other areas across the South-east.

I am offering a remote garden design service where I can work from images, videos etc and can use apps such as FaceTime to carry out consultations.  We may be able to do the survey if we can have side access to the garden or I can send instructions on how to measure the plot.  

Harry Holding Garden Design - West London

We are an independent garden design and maintenance company based in west London. Since COVID 19 we are still operating as a business but taking all precautions to do so safely and within the government guidelines.


Plantology Ltd - Based in the West Midlands

Plantology provides clients with the best of both worlds; the expertise of designers trained in Landscape Architecture and the horticultural knowledge of professional gardeners.

We are offering a remote garden design service that will cover all of the steps for planning your new garden, or perhaps you have an existing border and want assistance creating a stunning planting design.

We can arrange to measure your garden whilst adhering to social distancing. Alternatively, if access is only accessible via your house, we can discuss other options. 

Dermot Cowper Garden Design - Tunbridge Wells and London

Everyone could do with a bit of help with the garden. I trained as a Landscape Architect and can offer either a full package of design or a simple concept to get things going. I also have a building background too so I am full of knowledge about how to build a great garden. 

With a strong plant knowledge and a passion for good design I am happy to help with the a garden of any size. You will get as much help as you want, scaled drawings, and a specification you build from or give to a landscaper after the lockdown.

As a Landscape Architect I have plenty of experience designing remotely, I can help you make a survey and take the required measurements to produce a plan.  

For an agreed fixed fee we can get started creating your new bespoke space. This can all be done over the phone and through email, Zoom or Skype. So contact me now, for a bit of free advise or a chat about how I can help

Remote forest garden design, Wales

Contact Jake Rayon. I specialise in creating remote forest garden designs, using email, video, Zoom calls and CAD. All designs are the property of the client and are provided in PDF and CAD format, with extensive design, planting and timetable notes online. The full design service includes:

  • Satellite CAD plan
  • Structural & tree plan
  • Detailed planting plan
  • Timetable & instructions
  • Pencil sketches

Jane Follis Garden Design, Somerset

I would be happy to offer remote Planting Plans.  Designs would be a bit more challenging. If clients could forward the size of the borders in question, together with the aspect of the garden and a teaspoon of soil (for testing) and photographs, I can then prepare a detailed Planting Plan, Plant Schedule together with a little booklet showing an image of each plant.  My nursery is still supplying plants throughout the country which would mean geographical location would not be an issue.  As with most designers, the stumbling block is getting anyone to do the work, but full instructions on how to implement the plant would be offered.

Eden Restored, Kent & London

Eden Restored are offering garden design services and consultations remotely during this time. We provide a service to south east London and Kent. Carrying out consultations and garden design meetings over Zoom.  We then carry out briefs, concept design and full garden design packages remotely and present back to our clients again over zoom.  Once designed we can provide full quotations to schedule installations in the near future. 

Fiona Stephenson Designs Ltd, East Horsley


  •     Request appointment slot
  •     Receive questionnaire and complete and return
  •     Send short panoramic video of garden 
  •     On-line session takes place
  •     Follow up as required

Susan Young Garden Design, Bedford

I have 18 years experience in professional gardening and planting. 3 Association of Professional Landscapers awards for Design and Build and Hard Landscaping projects and member. Head Gardener for over 11 years at historic country house. Domestic and commercial planting. Unique hand drawing of plans to scale. Pre-Registered member of the Society of Garden Designers. Can design any style of planting. Particular interest in planting for wildlife.

Aralia Gardens Ltd (Patricia Fox MSGD|MBALI)

During this crazy pandemic we are offering either our full Award Winning Design service remotely,  or we can also provide a mini cut down service for those clients that just want to get something done quickly – to keep them sane!  We are offering Virtual Design Consultations via Zoom (or Facetime) bookable in advance, usually available within 5-10 working days. We are very happy to have a chat on the phone first to get a bit of an idea of what you are looking to do, and we can advise you on how best to move forward. Our virtual design consultations are currently free, we really want to help our clients get through what we know is a pretty tough time for most of us.

Jane Hancock: Unity Garden Design, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire and Rutland

Renee Brailsford Gardens - Derbyshire 

My work is built upon a love of the local landscape and a belief in our human need for connection to nature. If you desire a beautiful, nourishing place in which to unwind and enjoy with others, I can help you make best use of your space.

colin griffin //garden design studio - Central London

Sal Erskine Gardens, Cornwall

I’m Sal Erskine, a garden designer who loves to germinate ideas, collaborate and create. I have a passion for plants — plants make me happy. I am based in Cornwall, UK but happy to work across the country. In these times redesigning existing plant borders is fairly simple to do with client photographs and good communication and could result in a refresh of your garden for this summer. 

I can help you visualise what your garden space can become with plans and 3d visuals. Then help you realise that vision with construction documents for landscapers, plant lists and management plans.