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Gravel garden

By Sussex and London based garden designers Julia Fogg and Anny Evason. Mature fruit trees formed the focus for the gravel garden in this rural setting.

Julia fogg

We purposely chose low key hard materials to form relaxed surfaces so that the abundant planting would be centre stage.

Julia fogg

Euphorbia characias and Cytisus praecox 'Albus' lean over the dry stone edging. Rosa x odorata 'Mutabilis', Papaver 'Golden Glory' and dark Foeniculum 'Giant Bronze' thrust up through a base of silvery foliage from Artemesia 'Powis Castle', Lychnis var., Verbascum Jackie and Sedum 'Stewed Rhubarb Mountain'.

Julia fogg

Yellow flowering Lupinus arboreus is in the foreground of this image of the pear tree. Libertia grandiflora punctuates at a lower level with white starry flowers. Airy Stipa gigantea waves in the distance in this tapestry planting wrapping informal spaces.

Designed by Julia Fogg

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