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Growing for Life at Boveridge House - People's Award

The People's Choice and Gold medal winning garden, The Chris Beardshaw Wormcast Garden, is designed by Chris Beardshaw, who recreated in all its original glory a quintessentially English garden design inspired by two of the most eminent figures of Victorian/Edwardian garden design - Gertrude Jekyll and Thomas Mawson.

Chelsea 2006 - chris beardshaw boveridge

Garden Description

Chelsea 2006 - chris beardshaw boveridgeChris's design inspiration comes from a unique project to which he is committed and that is to restore 15 acres of garden at Boveridge House in Dorset to their original former glory. The garden is unique, because, perhaps without knowing it, Jekyll and Mawson, who had never Chris beardshaw - boveridgebeen the best of friends, had unwittingly collaborated on a garden to create a completely unique and beautiful 1920's formal garden. Thomas Mawson had laid out the gardens while Gertrude Jekyll had been consulted as to the planting schemes, probably by post.

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Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea Group
Taxus baccata


Asplenium scolopendrium
Asplenium trichomanes
Athyrium filix-femina
Dryopteris filix-mas
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Polypodium vulgare


Lilium martagon var. album
Narcissus cyclamineus
Tulipa 'Spring Green'


Alchemilla mollis
Anchusa azurea
Bergenia ciliata
Centranthus ruber 'Albus'
Digitalis purpurea f.albiflora
Geranium himalayense
Iris sibirica
Polygonatum multiflorum
Thymus vulgaris

Chelsea 2006 - chris beardshaw boveridgeAquatic

Nymphaea 'Marliacea Carnea'


Rosa 'Felicite Perpetue'
Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carriere'
Rosa 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'