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Hosepipe ban do's and don'ts

By the Horitcultural Trade Association. In February, the water companies said that a hosepipe ban could only be averted by above average rainfall in the south east. Since then rainfall has been above average, but still the restrictions came. Here are 10 things can and cannot do under a hosepipe ban.

10 things you CAN do 10 things you CAN'T do
Fill a swimming pool Top up a planted pot
Have a waterfight in the garden with the family Water vegetables that will feed your family
Hose down the dog or cat Hose down the dogwood or catmint
Clean up the patio with a pressure washer Connect up tiny drippers to water your patio plants
Spray water into a concrete mixer Spray water into a planting hole
Leave a hose running on your driveway Leave a porous hose running underneath your new hedge
Fill empty containers placed strategically around your borders Water planted containers anywhere in the garden.
Fill all the watering cans you could ever want Use a spray rose on a hose to irrigate your new lawn
Leave a dripping tap unattended for months Water your vegetable garden
Water your allotment
NEW: Let a landscape gardener water in new plants (read about the update here)