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How do I get rid of vine weevil?

Both the adult vine weevil and larvae cause damage. The adults are about 9mm long, dull black beetles with a pear-shaped body. Adult weevils are best seen on foliage at night, as during the day they hide in dark places

As they can't fly, so if you are brave enough go out on mild spring or summer evenings check plants and walls by torchlight and pick off any of the adult weevils found. In glasshouses, look under pots where they hide during the day. Or you can trap vine weevils in rolled up bits of corrugated cardboard - it works brilliantly, they go in there during the day then you round them up.

Biological control in the form of a nematode also works well if you put it on in March or at the end of August when there are a lot of grubs about. It does a better job than any of the chemicals currently available on their own. Always use what is the latest recommended solution and follow the manufacturer's instructions.