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Independent Age - Golden Years

GinkgoBy Anthony Challis, of Ginkgo Landscapes SW London, for this charity (formally Royal UK Beneficiary Association).

The garden is about destiny and reflects the journey through life with the emphasis on keeping active and independent in later years.

The garden is viewed through a simple wooden structure closed in by climbing roses. GinkgoTwo yew screens dominate the garden representing life's obstacles and concealing the unknown. Between them a narrow vista and pathway reveals a potential destiny. The path steps up gradually and progressively to its final destination and a place to sit and reflect.

At its centre it divides, offering the choices one has. Stone seats are placed to stop and contemplate and enjoy the lush foliage and flowers. Strong shapes are contrasted by strong colours and sense and the gentle sounds of a fountain. The paths meet and rise once Ginkgomore to a long bench. This is the place to rest and reflect.

Plants in this garden include: Acer palmatum dissectum atropurpureum, Achillea filipendula 'Cloth of Gold', Aconitum 'Stainless Steel', Alchemilla mollis, Anthemis 'Tetworth', Aralia elata variagta, Artemesia 'Powis Castle', Astilbe 'Ellie', Astrantia major 'Sunningdale Variegata', Coreopsis verticillata Ginkgo'Moonbeam', Cosmos atrosangineus, Cynara cardunculus, Deschampsia flexuosa 'Tatra Gold', Echinops sphaerocephalus 'Arctic Glow', Eryngium planum 'Tetra Petra', Fagus sylvatica, Foeniculum vulgare 'Bronze Giant', Geranium 'Brookside', Gypsophila paniculata 'Perfecta Alba', Hemerocallis 'Big Bird', Hemerocallis 'Tetrinas Daughter', Holcus mollis 'Variegatus', Hosta 'August Moon', Hosta 'June', Hosta 'Sun & Substance', Hosta tardiana 'Halcyon', Juniperus xmedia 'Pfitzerana Aurea', Koelreuteria paniculata, Lavendula angustifolia species, Leucanthemum superbum Wirral Supreme', Ligularia przewalskii 'The Rocket', Lysimachia ciliate Ginkgo'Firecracker', Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume', Olearia macrodonta, Origanum vulgare 'aureum', Phygelius 'Somerford Fanfare Yellow', Phylostegia virginia varigata, Pittosporum tenuifolium variegatum, Polystichum munitum, Rosa 'Dreaming Spires', Rosa 'Swan Lake', Rosa 'Teasing Georgia', Rosa 'Whitecloud', Sambucus racemosa plumose aurea, Scabiosa caucasica 'Clive Greaves', Takesmania 'Alba', Taxus baccata, Teutrium fruticans, Thymus citriodorus 'Aureas' and Tradescantia 'Concord Grape'.

Designed by Anthony Challis