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Jennet Ward - Garden haven during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Jennet Ward, near Bournemouth. Jennet is turning to Shoot to help keep busy gardening and to stay healthy, safe and calm during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"My husband Jeremy and I are retired. I joined Shoot very recently and have been delighted that, after years of making scrappy lists of my plants and losing them, printouts of their care and so on, Shoot will do it all for me. And it’s such fun to use!

Coronavirus, Shoot and the garden

Yesterday, having become more and more anxious about the coronavirus, I abandoned the news and turned to researching clematis. We bought an ‘Arabella’ at the local garden centre and then I enjoyed watching my husband plant it, even though there really isn’t room for more! And then, entering ‘Arabella’ on my plant list in Shoot and checking it out. I was totally absorbed, with coronavirus way off on the horizon!

Coronavirus, Shoot and the garden

I love my garden, always relaxing there, if only for just a few minutes. Every day is different with new things to be seen. It’s like stepping into a different world, really, especially at the moment, when everybody is worried and scared about the virus. There are so many things to enjoy – the growing plants, the surrounding sounds and smells, as well as the satisfaction of hard work in producing such a lovely place. And for me, a glimpse of God’s beautiful creation.

If we have to enter lockdown, the garden will be a real haven."