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Karen Holley is helping more clients with Shoot

With Shoot for Professionals Karen Holley is now able to extend the range of services she offers her clients. She has also discovered a new way to use Shoot to ensure she can source the plants for each garden design. Other designers might find her work process also useful to follow.

Karen Holley Garden Design - Shoot testimonial

Since being introduced to all the benefits and services that are available in Shoot I have now changed how I use it and have also been able to extend the services I offer to my clients.

Designing a client plant list which is available to buy

I used to only use Shoot at the handover stage at the end of a client project. However, I have discovered a time saving process using Shoot at the planting planning stage too. I now start a client plant list in Shoot and I open the plant nursery websites I buy regularly from and have them open side by side. As I am finding plants available to buy from each nursery, I copy and paste the list into my Shoot client plant list. I then review and amend my selections by looking at the planting list as one visual plant palette in Shoot. I can more easily spot if I need to add or remove plants in one view. This saves me a lot of time and I also know that the planting I will recommend to my clients is actually available to purchase.

Communicating with clients seamlessly

Shoot allows me to have a shared space online with each client so that they can look at the proposed planting plan and learn more about the plants I am suggesting. They also have the reassurance that they can look after the garden once it is completed, by signing up to the monthly maintenance emails themselves.

Saving time creating garden maintenance schedules

At the touch of a button, we can now create an entry level plant audit and maintenance plan for new clients. Shoot also gives us quick and easy maintenance plans month by month. In the past maintenance plans would be very time consuming to create and difficult to charge for.

Training garden maintenance team

After the garden build Shoot will also be a very useful training tool for my garden maintenance team. Both for plant identification and knowing what to do when in clients' gardens.

So far our staff and clients are very positive about the benefits of Shoot.

By Karen Holley