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Laurent-Perrier Garden

By Jinny Blom. The Laurent-Perrier Garden is a garden of reflection and is inspired by the 'journey of life'. It is a warm, peaceful setting, naturalistically planted and with finely handcrafted details.

Laurent-Perrier garden 2007

A sculptural progression of circular shapes structure this garden and act as moon gates to and Laurent-Perrier gardenfrom the garden. A simple and transparent bronze solar gate at the garden's entrance symbolises life beginning and invites visitors in. This is echoed by a complex, floating lunar gate suspended above a dark, still pond with stepping stones, symbolising more challenging transitions in life.

The planting is lush, floral and delicate, making lavish use of Astrantia. Strong sheer hedges, candle-shaped trees and sculptural structures balance it.

The high, clipped hornbeam hedge forms a solid enclosure broken only by the entrance. Within the garden, five fastigiate oaks are planted at the axis of each paving panel, providing vertical punctuation. The dominant colours are burgundy, claret and soft pinks, shot through with lime green, and flashes of orange.

Laurent-Perrier garden

Plant list (click on any of the green links for more information):

Alcea ficifolia
Alchemilla mollis
Ammi majus
Anemone sylvestris
Angelica archangelica
Angelica gigas
Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead'
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing'
Aquilegia chrysantha 'Yellow Queen'
Aquilegia 'Schneekonigin'
Aquilegia vulgaris var. alba
Astrantia major 'Roma'
Astrantia major subsp. involucrata 'Shaggy'
Astrantia maxima
Buxus sempervirens
Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii Caerulea Group
Carpinus betulus
Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum'
Convallaria majalis
Crambe cordifolia
Crambe maritima
Deschampsia caespitosa
Dicentra 'Bacchanal'
Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba'
Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora
Erigeron karvinskianus
Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'
Euphorbia palustris
Euphorbia polychroma
Filipendula ulmaria
Geranium phaeum 'Album'
Geranium phaeum var. lividum
Geranium sanguinium 'Album'
Geranium sylvaticum 'Album'
Gillenia trifoliata
Hesperis matronalis var. albiflora
Iris germanica
Iris sibirica
Lamium album
Leucanthemum vulgare
Lilium longiflorum
Lunaria rediviva
Lupinus - West Country Varieties
Macleya cordata
Mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream'
Milium effusum 'Aureum'
Myrrhis odorata
Nymphaea 'Albida'
Onopordum acanthinum
Orlaya grandiflora
Pimpinella rosea
Polemonium caeruleum
Polygonatum odoratum
Pulmonaria officinalis 'Alba'
Quercus robur f. fastigiata 'Koster'
Rheum 'Ace of Hearts'
Selinum tenuifolium
Selinum wallichianum
Stipa gigantea
Stipa tenuissima
Symphytum caucasicum
Symphytum rubrum
Tulipa acuminata
Verbascum chaixii 'Album'
Veronica gentianoides
Zantedeschia aethiopica

Designed by Jinny Blom

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