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Pelorus – A Bespoke Contemporary Coastal Garden for All Seasons by Garden Designer David Loy

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The Barley Garden

Designed by James Brunton-Smith. This is a relatively small urban garden, typical of many London gardens it is very much longer than it is wide.

Beautiful Walled Country Garden

By Hertfordshire based garden designer Judy Shardlow of Heartwood Garden Design. This garden was designed to create a relaxing traditional English garden and in particular to create a warm enclosed patio area close to the house.

Roof Garden Oasis Hampstead

Designed by Manoj Malde. The owner bought this penthouse with the prospect of creating a roof garden. The space was a blank canvas.

The Sustainable seafood garden

By Ireland based garden designer Andrew Christopher Dunne. “The Sustainable seafood garden” tells the story of the journey from tide to table of the fish and seafood that surround and inhabit the island and the multitude of people and industries that support it.

Contemporary Sloping Garden

By Reading based MSGD garden designer Andrea Newill. A contemporary sloping garden around a generous level terrace within the sloping site, laid with sawn, contemporary beige limestone to tie in with the interior floor of the house.

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