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Meet our members, learn about their interest in gardening, how they use Shoot and what they think of us.

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NEW! Rob from Kent loves his Husqvarna auto mower

Rob tells us about his Kent garden and using the Husqvarna auto mower. Sponsored article May 2017.

Maggie is an enthusiastic plant collector

Maggie Jameson has developed from a novice gardener trying to identify flowering plants and weeds into a very enthusiastic and successful gardener all thanks to Shoot. She has now given up her RHS membership in favour of Shoot as she gets so much more out of it.

Passing on a Cambridge garden

Tim Ewbank recently sold his Cambridgeshire home and garden. He decided at the same time to pass along his Shoot account to the new home owner so they could benefit from the information about their new garden - like a 'manual' for their new garden. We asked Tim some questions about what he liked most about Shoot and the benefits of the garden transfer to the new home owner.

Karen Holley is helping more clients with Shoot

With Shoot for Professionals Karen Holley is now able to extend the range of services she offers her clients. She has also discovered a new way to use Shoot to ensure she can source the plants for each garden design. Other designers might find her work process also useful to follow.

Sharon from Butler Landscapes

Sharon from Butler Landscapes Ltd is based in Shropshire and generally works within a 70 mile radius designing and building for clients.

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