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High summer
By Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Its high summer - what needs to be done in the garden?
Jobs for late summer
By Andrew Fisher Tomlin. The clean up starts now! My garden is starting to get a bit out of control by now so its time to do some tidying of the borders and plan a little for winter and spring colour.
Instant Winter Colour

By Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Christmas is over and it's all looking a bit drab and dull out in the garden...

Plan now for summer success
By Andrew Fisher Tomlin. It is welly weather and I could leave work in the garden until the soil dries and the weather cheers up, but I don't want to miss out on what is one of the most exciting times of the gardening year.
Early summer work
By Andrew Fisher Tomlin. There's lots of maintenance but you can start to relax and enjoy the garden.

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