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Remember Easter is the start of the busy gardening season so try and get a head start now.

Jobs for Early Spring

  • Trees and shrubs - you can still do some pruning and cut back dead wood.
  • Plant trees - there's still plenty of time to get good root growth before the spring.
  • Lawns - keep the lawn clear of any last leaves that will smother and kill the grass.
  • Mulch - Mulch your borders and top dress plants in containers.
  • Borders - if you've got a patch in need of some major renovation, dig it over now and let the frost break down the soil and manure for you before spring planting.
  • Tender plants - it's too early to be bringing plants out of glasshouse and conservatories so keep looking after them indoors for the time being.
  • And don't forget to keep an eye out for your hedgehogs especially if they've decided to hibernate in your fire pile and leave some food out for the birds in squirrel proof feeders and out of the each of the neighbour's cat.

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By Andrew Fisher Tomlin

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