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Maximise your garden investment

The UK property market has changed during the recent lockdown. Now more than ever creating a beautiful garden is a great investment! As the BBC News reported on the 5th June in the "Coronavirus: Want to sell a home? Make the garden look nice" article, gardens are now at the top of homebuyers wish lists according Rightmove.

Maximise your garden investment from Shoot Gardening on Vimeo.

Are you maximising your garden investment? And if you are a garden designer, are you helping your clients get the biggest return?

Shoot helps you to plan, plant and nurture a beautiful garden and we wrap it all up in Shoot Garden log, which you can pass over to a future home owner so they have a complete record of their new garden.

Niru Ratnam from the Financial Times needed help and information when he felt unsure after buying a property with Dan Pearson designed garden. In the FT article "A duffer’s guide to designer gardens" (June 21 2019) when Niru moved into his home, he inherited a Dan Pearson plan and planting but lacked the famous gardener’s knowledge.
Now with help from Dan Pearson’s studio and designer Nikki Lakin, of Deep Green Gardens Ltd., all the plants, care guides, layout plan and documents such as warranties and equipment user guides are on to Shoot giving a personalised  monthly “task list”.

So whether you are a home owner or a garden designer – everyone should maximising the return on their garden investment with Shoot and … and helping the future owners to keep their new gardens looking beautiful.