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Merrill Lynch Garden

The Merrill Lynch Garden by Andy Sturgeon is a workplace that is an extension of the home, which doubles up as a private garden in the evenings and weekends.

A stainless steel water chute runs down from the roof, providing energy and stimulation.

Andy sturgeon (deck chairs)

The tall feathery planting at the left is Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus' with xxx to the middle behind the steps.  The broad leaves of Rheum palmatum, make a contrast with the fine upright foliage of the irises. At the front is a fern called Polystichum setiferum, and Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii'.

The stone flooring runs out from the office, becomes a series of oak cubes which start off as seats and morphs into a flight of steps.

Andy sturgeon steps and lush planting

The planting above from left to right includes (shrub), Tulipa 'Queen of Night' mixed in with the grey upright foliage of Astelia chatamica, and tufts of grasses such as Carex testacea, Stipa arundinacea and Stipa tenuifolia. The bright pink splashes of colour in the center are Aquilegia 'Raspberry Delight', with spires of purple from the Acanthus spinosus and Cynara cardunculus.

The cubes continue as a pathway through the planting alongside a small pool.

Andy sturgeon water features

The river of grasses above, is punctuated by dark purple Tulipa 'Queen of Night' on the right.

The structural planting is mainly trees and shrubs, such as Pittosporum tobira and Buxus semperviens providing background colour that ranges from bright to dark green.

Andy sturgeon irises

The heady mix of colours here include the rich purples and bronzes of Iris 'Red Zinger', Iris 'Gallant Moment', Lavandula angustifolia at the front mixed with the lime green of the Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii'.

Designed by Andy Sturgeon

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