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Minimalist water garden

By Cambridge garden designer Paul Dracott. The clients admired the calm of Japanese and Moorish gardens and requested a garden design that flowed seamlessly from a minimalist-style interior.

In response to this a simple rectilinear ground pattern was developed to echo the proportions and style of the clients glass walled and flat roofed extension.

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A large terrace of diamond cut Mongolian sandstone is the dominant feature; this is separated from the main planting area by a rill ending in an asymmetrical pool. The grey hardscape materials - basalt chip mulch, the raised beds and the sandstone paving - tie the garden together.

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The raised lawn of coarse bladed rhizomatous fescue grass can withstand periods of drought and is cut long to provide added texture. The surrounding reconstituted stone flags are cantilevered and under lit with LED strips.

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The planting scheme is simple, in keeping with the minimalist theme; massed white Agapanthus surround three aluminium, raised beds housing Amelanchier lamarckii. Two perimeter raised beds are planted with Taxus baccata and Lonicera pileata, the latter to be clipped into cloud forms as they mature.

Designed by Paul Dracott

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