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Narrow basement garden in Pimlico

By Garden Designers Jullia Fogg and Anny Evason. This small courtyard suffered from the typical problems of many city gardens - lack of space and lack of light.

Julia fogg - basement

We refreshed the ambience and introduced character with smart individually designed timber panels and integrated containers that not only house and support the planting at finger tip level but also introduce areas of light, cool tones. Maximum light is encouraged into the courtyard with a discretely angled mirror set in the rear backcloth. This increases the sense of depth but of course it's just an illusion!

The emphasis had to be on evergreen planting for the containers, the classic structure of Buxus sempervirens contrasting with the frondy habit of Blechnum spicant. The early flowering climber, Hoboellia latifolia, quickly chases up the stylish panels and fills the narrow space with delicate perfume.

Julia fogg - basement

The statue has been positioned to provide a strong focus from the living room. Clipped box cones and balls provide balance and compliment the strappy foliage of Astelia chathamica and Libertia formosa. Hellebores, hostas, Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert', Tulip 'White Triumphator' and Rosa 'Alberic Barbier' combine in the harmonious green and white colour scheme - soothing, romantic and subtle.

Designed by Julia Fogg

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