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Pastures Bye Garden

By Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Parks. The shoreline and estuaries of South East Essex are home to a range of plants that are specially adapted to coastal climates and proximity to salt water. This garden celebrates the memory of coastal shepherding in the early 1900s and how this lifestyle has influenced the habitats that can still be seen in the nature reserves on the outskirts of Southend-on-Sea.

Hampton court flower show 2009 - pastures bye

Nestled in the corner of the garden against a thick hedge and surrounded by vegetables and flowers typical of this period, sits the mobile hut brought back from the grazing marsh by the shepherd after a busy lambing season.

Hampton court flower show 2009 - pastures bye

Bordering the shepherd's garden is the coastal grassland where wildflowers are now coming into bloom reflecting the influence of the presence of sheep and the local climate.

Hampton court flower show 2009 - pastures bye

Native plants that thrive in brackish waters, creating an ideal environment for various wading birds such as the avocet, complete this coastal scene.

Plants list

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Dianthus armeria 'Deptford Pink' (this plant is so vulnerable that it is protected under the wildlife and Countryside Act 1981)

Other plants typical of the area include:
Ononis spinosa
Rumex acetosa
Daucus carota
Schoenoplectus lacustris