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Perennial Evolution

By Brighton garden designer Nick Dexter. A show garden inspired by the geology of the Scottish Highlands and illustrating the balance between wild and tamed nature.

Perennial evolution

Perennial evolutionThe garden illustrates the sequence of natural processes that carve out the landscape in the Highlands; 600 years ago Britain was separated by an ocean and gradually, as the two land masses came together, rocks were thrust up and over one another.

Perennial evolutionSince then other geographical events have left a footprint, such as mineral veins, which were injected through older rocks. Gradually the erosive powers of nature began to shape the landscape.

Perennial evolution

Plants in this garden include many low maintenance choices, including: Circium rivulare atropurpureum,
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau', Molinia caerulea,Perennial evolution
Persicaria affinis
Pinus pinea, Sedum nature mat, Thymus vulgaris,
Thymus serpyllum,
Festuca glauca, Origanum 'Rosenkuppel', Erica x darleyensis 'Furzey',
Erica x darleyensis 'Mary Helen' and Bronze Fennel

Designed by Nicholas Dexter

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