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Plant of the month July 2019

Nominated and agreed upon by growers and retailers, Plant of the Month highlights plants that are widely available and looking especially good in the garden centres each month.

Plant of the month July - Roses

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The magic of Summer Roses

Roses give a fantastic show throughout the summer months with a glorious first flush of fragrance and flower during June and July.

The rose needs only an initial rose feed at the beginning of spring and a regular feed after each flush of flower. The occasional soaking during long dry summer days will help to maintain the plants health and vigour, with light dead heading throughout the season to encourage freedom of flowering into the autumn.

Roses are best grown in an open sunny position and benefit from the addition of well rotted organic material and a good general purpose fertiliser. Planting container grown roses is easy by just digging out a hole a little wider than the root ball, placing the plant into the hole and ensuring that the surrounding soil is level with the original container soil. Fill in and firm around the plant, finishing off by watering in well.

It has been shown that most bush roses can be easily maintained from year to year by the removal of any dead or crossing branches and a general reduction in size and shape to suit the planting situation. With technical pruning rarely appropriate for the modern garden.

There are many types of roses and varieties, ranging from the classic hybrid tea, cluster flowered floribundas, cover roses which are generally covered with a mass of flowers, shrub roses many of which often grow quite large, English roses that offer an exquisite fragrance and wonderful July blooms, patio roses that are compact and are covered with small blooms, climbers and ramblers for pergolas, fences and trellis or on walls over doorways and windows conjuring up the English country cottage dream.

Amongst all of these roses is a rose for every occasion and one that will suit both large and small gardens, contemporary or traditional, while offering varieties for planting into flower beds or traditional borders and for potting into planters for the courtyard or patio garden, giving instant appeal.

By Plant for Life.