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Daffodils (Narcissus) easily grow from bulbs in most temperate climates. They are most known for their yellow colour and can have centres in colours ranging from white to yellow to orange.


Daffodils, members of the genus narcissus, are one of the earliest blooming flowers of spring, brightening neighbourhoods and fields alike. Being perennial and needing little care, has made daffodils garden favourites for a long time.

They can be planted in borders, naturalised in grass and in containers for spring flowering alongside wallflowers, sweet william and myosotis. Some types can be forced and grown indoors for Christmas flowering. These varieties are scented and are worth trying.

With over 50 species to choose from there is a size for every garden or yard as daffodils range from 50mm tall with 13mm blooms up to stems that are 60cm  tall carrying blooms as big as 125mm across.  While the most common colour for daffodils is yellow, with over 13,000 hybrids they also come in pink, white, orange, lime-green and in some bi-colours.

Plant daffodils in a sunny or mostly sunny location with well-drained soil and see that they have at least 25mm of water during the growing season. Once the foliage begins to wilt and die, they may be mowed over with no harm to the plant. When the plants become overcrowded, dig the bulbs when they finish flowering, separate them, and replant them.

With good growing conditions, daffodils will often live longer than those who planted them as can be seen by the profusion of blooms every spring around old homesteads and in fields.

In Roman days, the Romans thought that daffodil sap had healing properties, and brought it along with them on conquests. It became a well-loved flower everywhere with its early blooming and bright colours. There are thousands of daffodil festivals across the world each spring, celebrating the arrival of the beautiful blossoms.

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