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Possession Garden

By garden designer Tony Smith. Possession was inspired by a Radio 4 programme about pharmaceutical companies patenting compounds they have synthesised from rainforest plants.

Hampton Court Flower Show 2012 Show Garden Possession Garden by garden designer Tony Smith

It questions who should benefit from the discovery of these useful and lucrative species. Surely it must be possible for us to manage the rainforests in a way that benefits us all, remembering that it is the indigenous tribes that have the strongest claim to possession of the forest, even though they would probably be the first to recognise that they are part of the forest and not its owner. A notion that we would all do well to consider.

Plant List

Ficus sp.
Monstera deliciosa
Maranta sp.
Tillandsia usneoides
Calathea sp.
Rhapis multifida
Rhapis excelsia
Phoenix roebelenii

Dypsis lutescens
Howea forsteriana
Arabidopsis sp.