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Ravine Garden: Gift of the Glacier - Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt medal garden by Catharina Malmberg-Snodgrass and Frank Gardner. This is a modern garden inspired by the natural ravine landscapes of the Chicago area of the United States. The garden is based on ravine landforms that came about with the retreat of the last glaciers beginning 12,000 years ago. The garden features native flora, which flourishes in the unique woodland ravine ecosystem.

Ravine garden

Garden description

The garden highlights the fragile beauty of the Chicago area, in particular the ravines near Lake Ravine gardenMichigan, which have a distinctive ecology. The ecosystem was formed in the wake of glacial retreat during the last ice age and supports many locally threatened indigenous plants. These plants depend on cool temperatures and a fresh water supply and therefore could be endangered by further changes in climactic temperature. The Lake Forest Garden Club has a commitment to protecting and restoring this area and this garden aims to illustrate the importance of preserving this stunning natural legacy.

The garden evokes the upland forest of the lush and various Lake Michigan ravine ecosystem using native North American flora throughout. It is framed by a forest canopy, Ravine garden: gift of the glacierwhich includes oak and maple trees. Understorey and herbaceous material is planted naturalistically. Ephemeral herbaceous plants are scattered through the forest and down the sides of the ravine, punctuating the woodland with bursts of predominantly white, pink and yellow flowers.

Key plants in this garden include trilliums, Quercus rubra (red oak), Acer saccharum (sugar maple), Hepatica (liverwort), Betula papyrifera (paper birch), cypripediums, Uvularia, and Hamamelis virginiana (American witch hazel). The colours are soft tones of pink, white, blue and yellow.