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Shoot teams up with Tendercare Nurseries

Tendercare Nurseries has teamed up with Shoot to help all their customers to be successful growing the plants they buy. Shoot makes this easy for you by sending you monthly care guides for the plants you buy, straight to your email inbox.

Tendercare is offering Shoot garden profiles with plant lists, care reminders for your specific plants bought at Tendercare, and our award-winning garden planning software as part of their service-led retail offer.

Tendercare services which include a Shoot membership include garden audits, garden designs and garden maintenance services. And for those customer buying plants, Tendercare will help you to get your plant list to upload into Shoot.

We are delighted to be working with Tendercare Nurseries. Tendercare are innovating and leading the way in garden retail when it comes to helping customers to be successful growing the plants that they buy.

The entire Shoot team is delighted to be working more closely with Tendercare on this exciting collaboration.