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Shoot's Plant Biosecurity Event with Defra at Tendercare Nurseries

On 16th April 2019, Shoot hosted a plant biosecurity event with Defra at Tendercare Nurseries.

Sarah Eberle, Nicola Spence, Peter Clay, Nicola Gammon and Angela Halksworth at Shoot Defra Plant biosecurity event April 2019

Sarah Eberle, multi-award winning garden designer; Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer Defra; Peter Clay, Crocus; Nicola Gammon, Shoot and Angela Halksworth, Tendercare Nurseries were speakers on the day. All the slides can be found here.

To open the event Nicola Gammon addressed the audience watching over Facebook. The entire video can be seen on Shoot's Facebook page. Nicola Spence's talk is available here below to play:


Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, Defra talks at the Shoot plant biosecurity event at Tendercare Nurseries from Shoot Gardening on Vimeo.

Nicola Spence Chief Plant Health Officer Defra and Nicola Gammon Shoot

Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer Defra, was the first keynote speaker opening up the day with a presentation about the risks facing the UK from invasive species. 

Nicola Spence Chief Plant Health Officer Defra

There are numerous challenges in protecting GB from plant and tree threats. Collaboration can help tackle pests at source, supply cleaner plants and increase public awareness of biosecurity risks and action.

If you are a gardening business or hobby gardener, learn more about what you can do to help and where to report potential issues here.

Guests included Wesley Kerr OBE

There was an audience of about 50 including Wesley Kerr, OBE and Nick Coslett, Palmstead Nurseries, who attended to hear more from the UK's leading authority on plant health.

Nick Coslett, Palmstead Nurseries

Nicola Spence was then followed by Sarah Eberle, multi-award winning garden designer, and Peter Clay from Crocus. 

Sarah Eberle talking about the resilience garden for Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Sarah is designing 'The Resilience Garden' Chelsea Flower Show 2019. The changing climate – and threats posed by pests and diseases – means we have to be innovative when it comes to planting different species. As long as we’re following watertight biosecurity protocols, we can be experimental and inventive in our planting. This will ensure our landscapes are healthy for nature, and for future generations to enjoy.

Nicola Gammon Shoot opening the Defra plant biosecurity event

Nicola Gammon, CEO and Founder of Shoot, covered off a few topics. With 120,000 members planning their gardens and compiling plant lists, Shoot can play a key role in helping members to avoid and react quickly to invasive issues they spot. 

Nicola Gammon Shoot at Defra Plant Biosecurity event

Nicola demonstrated the new Defra plant, pest and disease data in Shoot and the new plant search functionality. Nicola also described the forum community support Shoot will give to members who may have inadvertently brought an invasive issue into the country. Nicola finally provided an overview of development plans for the future.

See a video on the new plant search for Defra's risk register here in Shoot:

Defra risk register plant search from Shoot Gardening on Vimeo.

Nicola Gammon, was then joined by Wayne Grills, CEO BALI to talk about industry collabration and the significant value of gardening to the UK economy. More Government support for training and education is on the agenda for change.

Wayne Grills, CEO BALI talked about industry collaboration

Angela Halksworth then finished the day by talking about Tendercare's relationship with Shoot which enables all their customers to be successful growing the plants they buy from Tendercare. 

Nicola Gammon Shoot with Angela Halksworth Tendercare Nurseries

Angela also described Biosecurity procedures and the use of Biocides at the nursery as part of their Integrated Pest Management program. There is considerable complexity in managing plant health on a plant nursery which requires considerable skill and dedication by Tendercare staff in managing these risks. After doing the assessment on the HTA's Plant Healthy site, which Tendercare scored very highly on, the nursery is now undertaking to do more to tackle weeds which may host vectors and to communicate the work they are doing to customers.

Before the event started, attendees had the opportunity for tours of the Tendercare Nuseries and were treated to a fantastic lunch.

Tours of Tendercare Nurseries on Shoot Defra day

Watch out for more upcoming events on plant biosecurity hosted by Shoot in the future.

Various photos from Shoot's plant health event

Various photos from the event gallery.