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South-facing gardens

By Garden Designer Catherine Heatherington. Here are some south facing gardens for inspiration.

This breath-taking a south-facing garden has heavy clay soil which is shaded by trees along the boundary wall.


In this image you can see Hebe 'Mrs Winder', Allium 'Purple Sensation', Phormium tenax, Poa labillardieri (blueish grass in background), Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum' (the evergreen shrub on the right in the foreground).

This picture shows a different south-facing garden.

Sara griff wall

In this image above, is a small Acer at the left, more Allium 'Purple Sensation' and Heuchera (e.g. Heuchera americana 'Plum Pudding').

Finally, this last south-facing garden features an impressive specimen tree.


The tree shown here is a Catalpa (e.g. Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea'), with a manicured lawn, and French lavender (Lavandula stoechas).

Designed by Catherine Heatherington

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