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Survey results and what Shoot members are telling us

We just ran a survey of members in April 2014. We wanted to share some of the feedback about how Shoot members are talking about us.

What is the primary benefit that you received from Shoot?

Plant care
Having everything in one place - very useful
Basic plant info
Peace of mind that answers to all gardening problems are out there somewhere!
Care and understanding of plants for novice
Plant searching and my plant lists
Plant information
Information about my garden design, plan and the plants in it. Maintenance schedule in particular.
Record of my garden plants with appropriate information on each
Care instructions
Being able to track all the plants that I have
Finding out about plants etc from other gardeners.
Maintenance advice
Information about plants including descriptions, requirements/preferences eg aspect, soil type, plant associations,
All the monthly instructions for all my plants in one place
Keeping track of all the plants in my garden and how to care for them
Source of plant information.
Keeping track of plants in the garden and help any questions that arise, and regular maintenance updates.
Monthly care instructions
Knowledg and keeping track of my plants
Info, organisation.
Being able to plan my garden with plants so I know where everything is (particularly useful for bulbs and plants that die right back overwinter)
Notebook, garden planning, plant profiles. Can keep all the information together.
Advice on plants - which ones to buy, where to place, how to look after them etc
Excellent Plant Information and Care Instructions, that help make our garden the happy place that it is, for myself and my husband. Not to mention our dog, frog, newt and all the birds that visit :o)
Being able to share my preliminary designs when I don't have access to higher priced software
Plant listings and care information/planting tips.
The ability to check through the A/Z plants
The monthly care instructions
Listing of plants in garden and looking at planting and cultivation.
Plant lists with illustrations as I build a new garden.
Monthly advice on various plants
Plant information by month and name
Hints & tips and also question/answer forum.
Care of plants and suitability for planting
Looking after my plants, putting them in the right location, and choosing the right plants for my type of soil.
Plant information
Storing info about my garden in a bespoke site.
Advice and information about the plant I own
All info in one place
I store all new plant information as I acquire them, then use shoot to check out what needs doing when
Initially it was the ability to design but now it is keeping track of jobs that need to be done.
The care calendar. Being able to select my plants from the list and then knowing what needs to be done when for their care.
Useful receiving tips on the plants that I have in my garden once I have logged all the details and for general reference/researching plants.
Knowledge of plants, how to care, pests, diseases, research
The record of exactly what plants I have and where I put them.
The planner. It is the same software used by other sites but the link to existing plants is useful.
Monthly to do list
Whiling away winter evenings listing all my plants and researching those I want to source
Looking up culture details of plants I buy and the monthly care tips
cataloguing my plants
Keeping a few details together which is sometimes quicker than ferreting it out in planting/gardening notes.
Reminders on plant care
Garden planning and advice
The monthly plant calendar, which is useful.
Plant info
My plant care
Record of plants in my garden
Information from friendly forum members.
Monthly guidance

What type of person do you think would benefit most from Shoot?  

Amateur gardener
Garden enthusiasts
A novice
An avid gardener like myself who doesn't want to make expensive mistakes.
Any interested gardener especially the more novice
Keen amateur gardener
Most gardeners, particularly if inexperienced
Keen but not so confident gardener.
Anyone interested in garden and planting design
New and intermediate gardeners
Keen gardeners
Someone new to gardening.Someone who has a problem site to work with,EG slopes,dry shade etc.
Amateur and professional alike
Beginner/gardeners with little time -like me!
Serious gardeners who want to keep in touch with like minds and are not preoccupied with GYO.
New gardener
Novice gardeners
A beginner who is enthusiastic but needs reassurance and guidance from time to time.
A novice someone wanting to learn more and more
All gardeners
Keen new gardener
Professional/ obsessive beginner / rich with gardening hobby
Obviously the Budding Gardener needing reassurance, but also the 'Old Stalwart's' like myself, who are still keen to learn more.
Keen amateur gardeners with some spare time.
Anyone interested in gardening and in plants
All gardeners
Keen garden eras and younger people eager to learn from a medium they use most often
An amateur gardener
Keen and beginner gardeners.
Novice gardeners
Anybody interested in gardening.
Amateur gardener
Someone interested in gardening
A listmaker, who likes to store information in an orderly and appropriate way, rather than someone who randomly Googles to get answers to questions
Amateurs, plants people, busy gardeners.
Intermediate level gardeners seeking support. People who are totally new to gardening might not be able to identify their plants and might be a bit overwhelmed. I know a bit about plants but only recently had to take over full maintenance of a mature garden so shoot has really helped me organise what needs to be done when.
Every keen gardener from the beginner to the more experienced.
Anyone who loves plants and gardens
Fantastic for a novice gardener, but more for ornamental gardening rather then for food (because with food plants there are too many varieties and you can rarely find the variety you want on Shoot's plant list, understandably).
Anyone interested in gardening.
Anyone with outdoor space
Anyone with a proactive interest in gardening and plants
Avid amateur gardeners
Amateur gardeners who have a lot of plants
Someone who is fairly new to gardening and perhaps does not have the confidence to plan, create and propagate.
A gardener
Any keen amateur gardener
Gardeners, particularly amateur ones like me.
Amateur interested in good design and interesting plant range
Err... wait it's on the tip of my tongue.... goddit... GARDENERS!
Organised keen gardener with technology skills
A fellow gardener - who isn't afraid of technology
Keen domestic gardeners
Someone who is quite methodical and eager to receive advice

How do you describe Shoot to other gardeners?     

Gave it as a gift to a fellow gardener
Very good way to log what's in your garden, useful calenders, care programmes etc
A great tool to take to the garden centre to make sure you don't buy plant unsuitable for your garden.
Helpful descriptions and monthly tips
The perfect way to keep one's own existing garden under control without being side tracked by anything else.
as a really useful site
Best gardening website around for any aspect and Nicola and her Team are absolutely brilliant/talented
The only serious garden website (apart from the better blogs).
Great website for gardeners
Excellent for learning about gardening
Useful and in the process of expansion
A really good easy-to-use site
Very useful
A yearly support group for gardeners who are at a basic/intermediate level.
I said that it was an invaluable source of Information and Inspiration :o)
A good all round horticultural website
Internet gardening source
Excellent gardening website for everyone from beginners to old pro's!
Garden design, care and library
Easy to use, excellent information and help from other gardeners
My friend is akeen, but disorganised gardener. My recommendation that it might help her to be more organised filled her with horror! We are all different!
Brilliant and worth every penny.
I haven't yet, but will do to other gardeners I know. I'll explain the care calendar.
Really good website with lots of information available and where you can enter a plan of your garden.
A 'Must' for all garden and plant lovers - once you have used it you will be unable to manage without it!
A new online gardening notebook, and contact forum
Excellent site for finding details of plants
A database for the garden
Excellent resource for gardening info
Gardeners help web site
Very useful if you are computer literate.
A mine of information