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The Daily Telegraph by Ulf Nordfjell (Sample planting plan)

By Ulf Nordfjell.The Daily Telegraph Garden, by Swedish landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell, fuses a modern, relaxed Swedish style with traditional English elements, demonstrating how to combine architecture with garden design. (Click here for a sample planting plan and full plants list)

Daily telegrpah - cheslea flower show 2009

With an emphasis on natural plant communities and practical considerations of climate and sustainability, this garden takes the artistry of the traditional cottage garden and combines it with the discipline of Swedish modernism.

Daily telegraph - chelsea 2009

Hardwearing Swedish materials, such as granite, steel, glass and timber, are used throughout; green walls and hedges enclose the garden's open spaces and ensure privacy.

Daily telegraph - chelsea 2009

A terrace of flamed granite, featuring a minimalist transparent building of timber and glass overlooking a stylised water creek, offers an all-round view of the garden. The terrace also divides the garden into a sunny, asymmetrical area on one side and a more formal, partly shady area on the other. The lovely tall white spires above are Eremurus himalaicus (Fox tail lily) for which we list 12 suppliers.

Daily telegraph - chelsea 2009

The use of water, transparency, colour, and strong structural planting such as the group of multi-stemmed Pinus sylvestris 'Watereri' at the front of the space, give The Daily Telegraph Garden a subtle, striking and unique character.