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The Enchanted Neverland Garden

By Mark Turner. Legend has it, faeries can be seen inside the top of Glastonbury Tor on mid-summer and has provided the inspiration for this garden which is themed around an old tumuli, sometimes known as 'faerie hill'.


The garden's hill is raised on columns and light will shine from the hill as water cascades down a path. The hill has a, never seen before, entrance with a view through to Neverland.












The garden is surrounded by a broken picket fence. On one side of the hill a tree sheds water into a pool as does the arch and path, all symbolic of our normal lives being fed by our dreams and emotions, especially those of children.












Plants include:

Meadow grass grown on matts.
Polystichum setiferum 'Dahlem Group', Christata Erythorsa, Blechnum norae zelandiae, Tsus simense, Lineavis polydoctylon, Okanium, Gunnera Manicata, EnchantedCarex pendula, Prunus Sylevestris, Larix Decidua, Ulmus Parviflora, Aesculus hippocostanum, Prunus cerasifera nigra, Prunus domestica

A selection of roses including Filipes kiftsgate, Rambling rector and Wedding day. Assorted lavenders including Lavendula Hidcote.
Tradescantia, Heuchera purple palace, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Ivy, Artemisia silver queen, Berberis thunbergii, Digitalis perpurea, Gypsophlia, Astilbe, Mentha, and Salvia nemorosa.