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The Savills Garden

By Marcus Barnett and Philip Nixon. Inspiration for the garden is drawn from the rolling countryside of central southern England. It is a quietly modern garden with clean lines and simplicity of form.


Central pools in this garden are inspired by the idea of a river being a thread meandering through the countryside. The pools dissect the space echoing a river's journey cutting through the landscape and can be crossed via a bridge.


The Savills Garden has small low walls, which cut across the 'river' and through the planting. These walls create distinct but interconnecting areas in the garden along the course of the pools. This is inspired by the idea of the flow of a river from one pool to the next and the changing countryside.

The garden is geometrically elegant and seeks to create harmony and balance through a juxtaposition of repeating elements in both hard and soft landscaping with loose and relaxed planting evocative of that found in a natural and wild landscape.

Designed by Philip Nixon

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