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Traditional family garden

By London garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. There is real challenge in creating a garden to work alongside a contemporary renovation and a desire for a traditional family garden. By combining the clients' needs and reflecting the simplicity of the renovation project along contemporary straight lines we have achieved a great garden within a small space.  Our clients are now inspired to do the gardening and their children are loving the space.

Mylne residence andrew fisher tomlin

The project centred on a major renovation of an existing traditional Victorian house backing onto Wandsworth Common, London into a contemporary space. The brief for the front and rear gardens was to provide an individual family garden at the rear which was simple in structure with light contemporary touches and a more traditional front garden. In both cases it was important that the gardens were not 'trophy spaces' just for looking at from the inside but worked on a practical level as well for entertaining and play. Many children use the garden and so practical areas of lawn were required and the clients also wanted year round planting interest.

Mylne residence andrew fisher tomlin

The site is level but construction work both shortened the garden and necessitated some level changes. One neighbour did not want to replace a fence and the other wanted to raise their fence thus making any uniformity difficult. Whilst the garden backs onto parkland it is not a great view and screening was requested. An existing mature apple tree was the only plant to keep.

Mylne residence andrew fisher tomlin

The garden required some focus as the rear of the new home was a virtual sheet of glass with year round views into the space. This focus was to be made by taking away the feel of a long corridor, wrapping the lawn around the apple tree, under which a new terrace was created and installing a water sculpture at the end of the lawn.

Structural box hedges have been planted that further buttress the garden and create a smaller scale when in the garden. A further seat near the water gives an alternative aspect and view of the garden. The terrace has been located away from the house to allow the clients to feel they are in the garden and not hugging the house.

Plant material is varied to create year round interest and colour. Low maintenance was key and informal shrub and perennial planting reflects this. The formalised box hedges through the space will be maintained by the contractor. Near to the house we worked with the architect to create simple planes of planting including Pachysandra terminalis in one area and agapanthus varieties in another. A green roof has also been installed to the main house extension in conjunction with the architect.

Mylne residence andrew fisher tomlin

In the front a more traditional planting of yew hedges and some mixed planting has been used to reflect the traditional house fa├žade.

Designed by Andrew Fisher Tomlin