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Chelsea Flower Show 2019

We are proud to bring you the Chelsea Flower Show coverage again this year including full plant lists. Get inspiration and add plants seen in the show gardens to your own 'plants I want' lists.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Back to Nature Garden designed by The Duchess of Cambridge

The RHS Back to Nature Garden, designed by The Duchess of Cambridge and award-winning landscape architects Andree Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects, is based in a woodland setting as a space for families and communities to come together and connect with nature.

The Wedgwood Garden

Designed by Jo Thompson. Classicism meets modernism in this garden which references Etruria, Wedgwood’s eighteenth century factory and village built for workers, where forward-thinking elements of corporate social responsibility were first shown by Josiah Wedgwood.

The Resilience Garden

The garden, created by award-winning designer Sarah Eberle, underlines that we need to increase tree cover, diversify planting and follow biosecurity guidelines to help protect our landscapes from climate change, pests and diseases.

Tom Dixon and IKEA Garden

Tom Dixon and IKEA are curious to see how we can make a positive impact on what we put on our plates, and hence our planet by exploring urban growing. Through our garden, we will use democratic design principles to develop sustainable food growth and consumption within our homes and urban communities.

The M&G Garden by Andy Sturgeon - Best in Show 2019

M&G Investments, the title sponsor of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, commissioned designer Andy Sturgeon (Best in Show winner 2010 and 2016) to create this incredible garden.

The Trailfinders 'Undiscovered Latin America' Garden

By West London based garden designer Jonathan Snow. This year, Jonathan and Trailfinders want to transport visitors several thousand miles west around the globe, to the temperate rainforests of South America, specifically Chile, a destination that’s increasing in popularity for Trailfinders.

Warners Distillery Garden

Esteemed garden designer, Helen Elks-Smith, is creating a Show Garden on Main Avenue for the first time for Warner’s Distillery.

Welcome to Yorkshire Garden

Designed by Mark Gregory. The highlight of the 2019 Welcome to Yorkshire show garden will be an authentically built canal with flowing water and genuine canal lock gates.

The Savills and David Harber Garden

Sponsored by Savills, the global real estate services provider and award-winning artist and sculptor, David Harber. Designed by Andrew Duff MSGD.

The Dubai Majlis Garden

By garden designer Thomas Hoblyn. The Dubai Majlis Garden is inspired by the celebrated multiculturalism of the Emirate of Dubai, where more than 3 million people from over 200 nationalities live, work and enjoy life together.

The Morgan Stanley Garden

For this year’s Morgan Stanley Garden, designer Chris Beardshaw has been inspired by the UK’s love of gardens and explores how gardeners can continue the tradition of creating beautiful herbaceous spaces, whilst managing resources more sensitively.

The Greenfingers Charity Garden

By Kate Gould Gardens. A lush green split level garden provides a peaceful, interactive and uplifting space where life-limited children with complex needs, their families, friends and carers can come together for play, relaxation or peaceful reflection.