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Designers' Clients

Karen Holley is helping more clients with Shoot

With Shoot for Professionals Karen Holley is now able to extend the range of services she offers her clients. She has also discovered a new way to use Shoot to ensure she can source the plants for each garden design. Other designers might find her work process also useful to follow.

Sharon from Butler Landscapes

Sharon from Butler Landscapes Ltd is based in Shropshire and generally works within a 70 mile radius designing and building for clients.

Gillie Leaf revitalised Mark and Linda's Garden

Gillie Leaf Garden Design has recently used Shoot in an  innovative, new way - by providing a unique garden audit for a  couple of avid gardeners in North London.

Faith Ramsay and Louise Hay Case Study

Garden designer, Faith Ramsay of My Country Design Solutions introduced her client to Louise Hay to Shoot.