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Hampton Court Flower Show 2019

Shoot helps you translate the lasting memories and inspiration you take from event gardens, such as Hampton Court Flower Show, into something real for your own garden. 

Hampton Court Flower Show 2019

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The Viking Cruises Lagom Garden

The Viking Cruises Lagom Garden is by garden designer Will Williams, the RHS Young Designer of the Year in 2018. Working with Viking for the first time, Will is the youngest designer ever to create a garden within the Show Garden category at the festival.

Back to Nature Garden designed by The Duchess of Cambridge

The RHS Back to Nature Garden, designed by The Duchess of Cambridge and award-winning landscape architects Andree Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects, is based in a woodland setting as a space for families and communities to come together and connect with nature. 

Smart Meter Garden

Three-time RHS gold medal winning designer, Matthew Childs, will be hoping for his fourth award with his Smart Meter Garden at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival.

The Thames Water Flourishing Future Garden

By Garden Designer Tony Woods. As our world changes, the need to take care of our most precious resource is greater than ever. Weather is increasingly unpredictable, with drier summers and wetter winters.

Southend Young Offenders ' A Place to Think' Garden

By Garden Designer Tony Wagstaff. In response to the growing importance of therapeutic gardening to support people living with anxiety, dementia and other mental illnesses, the garden promotes the positive impact that gardening and experiencing plants has on both physical and mental well being.

Calm Amidst Chaos Garden

By acclaimed garden designer Joe Francis. The inspiration for the garden came from Joe’s personal experience of depression and suicidal thoughts. Joe has teamed up with Maytree, a National charity that supports adults who are contemplating and feeling suicidal.

Through Your Eyes Garden

By garden designer Lawrence Roberts. A garden that aims to create an immersive experience for the visitor, a garden that could be appreciated in more ways than from behind a rope as it invites the visitor to look beyond.

Believe in Tomorrow

From creation to relocation, the 'Believe in Tomorrow' garden’s mission, by garden designer Seonaid Royall, is to encourage more children to get outdoors and engage with nature. 

The Year of Green Action Garden

Designed by Helen J Rosevear and Jane Stoneham. This accessible, sensory-rich family garden promotes the Year of Green Action 2019. 

Crest Nicholson Livewell Garden

Crest Nicholson will showcase its wellness themed garden at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival. The Crest Nicholson ‘livewell garden’ is a small public park designed by David Jarvis Associates and built by Bespoke Outdoor Spaces and Writtle University College.

The Dream of the Indianos Garden

The rags to riches story of 19th century emigrants who travelled abroad to make their fortune and then return home to north west Spain to build lavish mansions and gardens, will be retold in an ambitious show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival.

APL - A Place to Meet Garden

The garden is designed by Cherry Carmen Garden Design, and the main contractor on the garden is Kebur Landscape Division. 

Cancer Research UK Pledge Pathway to Progress Garden

Innovative young designer Tom Simpson will be working with Cancer Research UK to create a stunning garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, shining a light on the progress made by the charity thanks to its researchers and supporters.