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Planning your garden

Don’t risk it: Invasive plant risk information from Defra

Protecting our country from pests and diseases is vital to safeguard our environment, economy and health and the Government as invested more than £4.5 million to strengthen our border security, recruiting new plant inspectors and enhancing training. 

Scented border for a sunny garden

By garden designer Judi Samuels. This border is all about the scent!  As each plant brings their own individual perfume with flowers and leaves to delight your senses all summer long. This is a border perfect for pollinators to feast on by providing important nectar and pollen.

Planting for a Spring flowering shady border

Garden designer Judi Samuels provides a Spring flowering border plan for a shady border. This planting is suitable for free draining soil.

Survey results and what Shoot members are telling us

We just ran a survey of members in April 2014. We wanted to share some of the feedback about how Shoot members are talking about us.

Take care of children in the garden
By the Children's Safety Education Foundation. An estimated 500,000 accidents occur in the garden every year due to hazards of ponds, paddling pools, play equipment, greenhouses and electrical equipment.
Planting with Colour
Plant forLife has teamed up with fashion expert and celebrity stylist, Mark Heyes and garden designer Chris Collins to help you choose your colour personality, work out your dominant colour and the plants that compliment them.
Garden plants for fragrance all year round
Planting suggestions to create a fragrant garden twelve months of the year.
Low allergen garden plants
Allergy UK tells us that 1 in 3 people are affected by an allergy at some point in their life with symptoms ranging from irritating sneezing through to potentially fatal anaphylaxis. Around 40% of children suffer from one or more allergies, but allergies can also develop later in life and have wide ranging effects on an individual's standard of living.
The Most Fragrant Roses
Fill your garden with sweet scents and beautiful blooms with these amazingly fragrant flowers. Here are our top 10 picks. Click on the plant names to learn more about them.
Garden Landscaping and Design Forums

Spring is here at last, and the green fingered amongst us will be busy trying to make their gardens look beautiful. 

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First Impressions
By PlantforLife. Create a positive first impression at the front of your property with these planting ideas.
Layers and Layers of Planting
By garden designer John Frater. Sitting quietly in a very large and mature garden in Norfolk recently I was struck by how more and more kept revealing itself to me as I looked.
Sensitivity to colour in the garden
By garden designer John Frater. The question of colour in the garden is a perennial one that causes a lot of confusion, and stress, amongst many gardeners and even some of the pros. I've just returned from a painting holiday in the Scottish Highlands where my eyes were opened to a new way of relating to colour.
Flood tolerant rain gardens
By garden designer Alice Bowe. A lot is being written about the effects of our changing climate on the way we garden.  Simply search for 'drought tolerant planting' on the internet and you will be swamped with plant lists and information.  A far larger concern for me as a garden designer is the brutally damaging effect of flash floods and heavy rainfall.
Mature gardening
Garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin explains how the older gardeners among us can get the most from their garden.
Two to Tangle
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. We often forget that a good climbing plant can turn the barest new wall or fence into a riot of colour and fragrance in just a few months.
On your doorstep
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. There's one area of people's gardens that seems to be the most neglected and I can never understand why.
Starting from scratch
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. We all lead busy lives these days and only the few are DIY'ers keen enough to attempt building a whole new garden from scratch.
Colour in the Garden
By garden designer Alice Bowe. Colour is one of the most emotive aspects of any garden and although garden history has a long association with artists as garden designers, its importance and effect upon the garden's audience is often underestimated.