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Planning your garden

Two to Tangle
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. We often forget that a good climbing plant can turn the barest new wall or fence into a riot of colour and fragrance in just a few months.
On your doorstep
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. There's one area of people's gardens that seems to be the most neglected and I can never understand why.
Starting from scratch
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. We all lead busy lives these days and only the few are DIY'ers keen enough to attempt building a whole new garden from scratch.
Colour in the Garden
By garden designer Alice Bowe. Colour is one of the most emotive aspects of any garden and although garden history has a long association with artists as garden designers, its importance and effect upon the garden's audience is often underestimated.
Just add water
Garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin shows how the tiniest ponds can improve a garden.
Selling your garden
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Every month seems to bring a new gardening magazine or television programme these days as more and more people are getting turned on to the benefits of having a great garden as an extension of their living space.