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Useful tips

Once you have registered and are logged into your Shoot account, you may benefit from these tips.

Display common English names first
If you prefer to see the common English name, as opposed to the botanical name first, login then click on 'My Profile, and then 'My Preferences' and tick the box to display English names first and then save your preference. The entire database will then be presented to you this way.

Show care instructions by plant, as opposed to by activity type
Click on the link to your care calendar, and above the months near the top of the page, click on 'view by plant' and you can see what needs to be done for each plant.

Make other reminder notes
You can add your own personal notes to plants in the 'Plants I have list', and also notes to each month in your care calendar.

You can add planting notes as you add each of your plants, or you can add them once your plants are added to your plants list. Click 'add a note' icon to the right hand side of your plant in the plants list view. Add your note and then click submit button.

To add a calendar note, click 'My Care Calendar' and scroll to the bottom of the month you want to add a note to, and click on 'Add a note'.  Add a note title and the note and then click submit button.

Too many care instructions
You can reduce the number of care instructions any time, by deselecting some care types in the 'My preferences' area of your account. Go 'My profile' and then 'My Preferences' and deselect the tick boxes for the care types you do not want to receive and then click the save button.

Grouping plants in my 'Plants I have list'
You can group plants once they are added to your plants list for a particular garden.

1) Find your plant in your plants list and click the 'add to a group' icon at the right hand side.

2) When you are adding your first plant to a group, a pop-up box appears asking you to create a new group with a group description. Enter the group name and group description and click submit button. Your plant is now added to that group.

3) Repeat this process for each of the plants in your list which you want to group.

4) You can add many plants to the same group. To do this, click the drop-down arrow to view a list of the groups you have already created. Select the correct one in the list and then click submit button.

5) To reassign a plant into a different group, click 'change group' icon to the right hand side of the plant. Select the group you now want your plant to belong to or create a new group and group description and click 'submit' button.

6) To view your plants by your groups, click View by: 'Groups' at the top of your plants list. This is found in the middle between View by: 'All plants A-Z' and 'Recently added'