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Water garden

By Nottinghamshire garden gesigner Alice Bowe. This contemporary garden design in Nottinghamshire was built to complement the bold architecture of a modern double-storey glass extension.

alice bowe - water

The new garden was designed to balance the large open plan spaces and changes of levels inside the property whilst providing both a dramatic view to look upon and a tranquil space to inhabit. A major challenge of this contemporary garden design project was to create a space intimate enough to be a private family garden yet capable of hosting large parties.

alice bowe - water

The main planting follows the same bold sweep of the landscape design with a matrix of grasses punctuated by a succession of bulbs. In late winter, the garden is dominated by a swathe of over 8,000 snowdrops, which are followed by purple crocus and pale dwarf narcissus. As these begin to fade, the translucent Molinia grows steadily up throughout the summer, colouring butternut in late summer. This changes the whole dynamic of the garden by enclosing spaces that were previously open.

alice bowe - water

This simple, dramatic planting is obliquely balanced by generous mixed herbaceous borders in rainbow colours. This tranquil garden cleverly blends clean modern lines with traditional country garden themes and is lit at night to create spectacular views from inside the house

Designed by Alice Bowe

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