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Autumn changes

Message from Kathy C

In forum: General

Hi, Rebecca,
The majority of plants you have are deciduous so it is perfectly normal for them to turn colour and die back this time of year. Hosta, Astilbe, and Pulsatilla are all deciduous so they will certainly die back (unless you live in an area with very warm, mild winters). Some Euphorbia and Sedum are deciduous, some evergreen, but even evergreen ones might have some leaves turn colour and drop - usually older leaves. And, some Euphorbia are known for their lovely autumn leaf colour. Do you know what specific Euphorbia and Sedum you have?
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Fri. 13th November 2009 00:49


Message from rebecca wingar

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Yes Kathy, i will try to post photos over the next few days. so far the plants affected are hosta, euphorbia, astilbe, pustilla vulgaris and sedum. thats as many as I can remember.

  • Posted: Thu. 12th November 2009 22:39


Photo from Sandra Messham

In forum: Garden Landscaping and Design Forum Event

The border faces North but is in a South facing garden . I have just dug up my Hosta plants as they were taking over the border can you suggest any other plants that I can plant for all year round . I have white Jasmine,Josephine clematis,and a climbing rose called Oklahoma growing on the fence.

  • Posted: Mon. 14th September 2009 19:38

Should I move the Hostas

Message from Georgie

In forum: Calystegia silvatica

Hi again Sandy

I'm no expert on Hostas. But if they are your pride and joy and you have an alternative site in mind then given what you've said about the bindweed problem I think you might be wise to move them. Good luck.


  • Posted: Sun. 26th July 2009 21:03

My bindweed problem

Message from Sandy Rawlins

In forum: Calystegia silvatica

Hi Georgie, thanks for your response. I've done a similar thing along our fence line but using old roofing slates although they are perhaps not deep enough.

What I'm really concerned about is if, as my hostas grow to fill the space, I will not be able to get to the bindweed and it will just get all tangled up with the plants. I was wondering whether to relocate my hostas to a 'safer' place, before they get really established. Thankks for yur help

  • Posted: Sun. 26th July 2009 20:45


Question from Sandy Rawlins

In forum: Calystegia silvatica

My new garden has a little corner reserved for my growing hosta collection. Horror of horrors it's got bindweed! I've ehard that the best way to get rid is to let the weed grow up canes and then zap with glyphosate? Does this need to be a spray application and if so can anyone recommend one?

Can i pull it out as it appears, and if so will it weaken? It's coming in from next door's garden, and they're not taking teh hint.

Would i be better re-locating my hosta patch before things get out of hand? Any comments welcome, thanks.

  • Posted: Fri. 24th July 2009 22:12

Blue hosta I think

Message from Nicola

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi there - wow you have a lot of plants to work out! Did you just move into a new house? We'll do our best for you.

I think this is one of the Blue Hostas we have in the site. Click the link and it will take you to a list of blue hostas we have in the site.

Once you have found yours, you can add it to your 'Plants I have' list in Shoot and then we will send you care reminders each month.

All the best

  • Posted: Sun. 19th July 2009 17:08

Natural gardening

Message from Fi

In forum: Snails

Hi Jennifer
In truth, because I have a clay, very moist soil environment I can't grow hostas, delphiniums or any other plants that are prone to slug/snail attack. It is far easier to choose plants that are strong enough to shrug them off, and combine with bird feeders, pond, gravel etc.
However, I too have my weaknesses and have a gravel and paving area which I use for the plants usually decimated by slugs - trick is to raise them on feet, and use any deterrent like copper, salt, organic pellets or even sacrificial plants!
But it is fun with the torch - I have seen pipistrelle bats doing this.

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 23:21


Message from Kathy C

In forum: Snails

Hi, Jennifer,
Like many of us who love Hosta, I was plagued with slugs and snails in my London garden. I finally decided to stop planting them directly in the ground. I potted my favourites up and then put copper tape around the lip AND base of each pot. No more slugs and snails! I'm not sure if the tape has worked for others, but it definitely worked for me. You can purchase the tape at most garden centres and I found it best to replace it each spring - it tends to get dried out after a year. Good luck and please let me know what you decide to do, and what works.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 22:42

snails, slugs and hosta's

Message from Marissa Zoppellini

In forum: Snails

Hi Jennifer, ha, that perennial question! There are loads of solutions and theories, here are a few for you: Encourage natural predators into the garden - birds, beetles, hedgehogs, frogs, toads - here is a link to the RSPB website on wildlife gardening: http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/wildlifegarden/.

Water in the morning rather than the evening, put out slug pubs to catch them. If you are getting really desperate, you can put alternative meals out for them, eg comfrey or lettuce leaves, as they are said to prefer the wilted leaves. Some swear by copper bands around plants which induce an unpleasant shock to the critters. Some say putting sharp materials as a barrier around plants helps but aparantly they could crawl over a razor blade if they wanted to! They could be hiding out in structures, eg wooden or loose brick edging around beds. Hope this gives you some new ideas, hopefully, you can reduce the damage and just have the odd nibble and hole to live with. All the best Marissa

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 17:09

snails, slugs and hosta's

Question from Jennifer Dance

In forum: Snails

how to sucessfully get rid of snails and slugs all my beautiful plants are being eaten, I do what I call snail watch at night with a torch, and sometimes pick up as many as 40 slugs I cant do I hate slugs so come on ladies and gents give me some tips please I'm all snailed out.


  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 05:34

Pretty sensational

Message from Laura Thomas

In forum: Container gardening

Lovely pic Georgie of such a soft and delicate display of hosta flowers.

Don't know why Hostas came third in the most hated garden plants this year but maybe it's the slug problem.

Dare I say that my three hostas (not Big Daddy) are currently slug-free - perhaps because my few lettuce and leaf beet (amongst other things) are more tempting:(


  • Posted: Sun. 28th June 2009 11:13

Hosta Big Daddy in flower today

Comment from Georgie

In forum: Container gardening

Don't Hostas have pretty flowers? This is my first year growing them but despite their billing as 'slug resistant' I'm afraid they have all been nibbled. Still, it was worth the experiment for this.


  • Posted: Sat. 27th June 2009 19:28

Hosta crispula

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

In forum: Hosta crispula

Hostas are popular with gardeners because of their tolerance of shady positions but are well-known to be particularly susceptible to slugs and snails. Placing copper wire (now available from some garden centres) around individual plants - or pots - seems to work better than most other suggested remedies.

  • Posted: Tue. 2nd June 2009 16:00

Plant Heritage - Autumn Sale 20 Sept

Comment from Nicola

In forum: Events & Gardens to visit

Hi All - Mark your diaries for this one now.

10.30 - 4pm

Bring your plant problems and problem plants to the Plant Doctors at the autumn plant sale at Helmingham Hall on Sunday 20th September. A panel of experts including Sarah Cook former head gardener at Sissinghurst, Ivan Dickings RHS committee member, plantsman Brian Humphrey and Jim Marshall former gardens advisor for the National Trust, will answer your questions and solve your horticultural problems. The plant clinic will be open from 12 - 2pm.

This is the tenth year that Suffolk Plant Heritage (formerly NCCPG) has held its popular plant sale at Helmingham Hall in partnership with Helmingham Hall Gardens. Over forty exhibitors including specialist nurseries Fernatix, Harvey's Garden Plants and Woottens of Wenhaston will be selling a wide range of unusual and popular plants. National Plant Collections based in Suffolk including Dianthus (Malmaisons) Campanula, Hosta, and Astrantia will be on display, as well as stands selling garden furniture and accessories.

Visitors to the plant sale can also enjoy Helmingham's Grade 1 listed gardens including the dramatic spring borders, knot and herb garden, nineteenth century parterre, ancient deer park and Victorian kitchen garden.

Entry to plant sale £5 including admission to Helmingham Hall Gardens. (9m. NE of Ipswich on B1077.) Free parking. Home made lunches and teas.

  • Posted: Thu. 28th May 2009 12:18

Trios of contrast planting in green textures

Message from Laura Thomas

In forum: Events & Gardens to visit

miniature low growing conifers, hostas and moss

  • Posted: Sat. 23rd May 2009 12:11

Campanula latifolia

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

In forum: Campanula latifolia

Plant it in groups amongst male ferns, Solomon's seal, hostas, bluebells and Welsh poppies. Giant bellflower is a tall perennial plant found in the wild in damp woods, shaded riversides and hay meadows on fertile calcareous to neutral soils.

  • Posted: Fri. 22nd May 2009 18:40

This plant is featured at Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Comment from Nicola

In forum: Hosta 'Patriot'

Hosta 'Patriot' (Plantain lily 'Patriot') has been used in The HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council for Chelsea Flower Show 2009.

  • Posted: Sun. 17th May 2009 11:53

This plant is featured at Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Comment from Nicola

In forum: Hosta 'Minuteman'

Hosta 'Minuteman' (Plantain lily 'Minuteman') has been used in The HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council for Chelsea Flower Show 2009.

  • Posted: Sun. 17th May 2009 11:53

This plant is featured at Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Comment from Nicola

In forum: Hosta 'Gold Standard'

Hosta 'Gold Standard' (Plantain lily 'Gold Standard' ) has been used in The HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council for Chelsea Flower Show 2009.

  • Posted: Sun. 17th May 2009 11:52