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Acanthus Mollis

Question from Pauline Cobbold

In forum: Ornamental plants

Planted in chalky soil in sun, wonderful foliage , although I dont treat it any differently from any other perennial but it has only flowered once in three years o f being in my garden - (second year) - this is its fourth year and there are no signs of any flower spikes again. Any suggestions would be very welcome, much as I love the foliage I planted it for its flowers as well. I don t think it is my soil as everything else flowers beautifully.

  • Posted: Sun. 27th June 2010 07:24

Help with these too please and thank you.

Question from Luna

In forum: Identify a plant

The one in the 2nd and 3rd pics is shaping up to be a problem as I am fairly sure that later in the year it becomes covered in these blackish exploding seed pods, in a sort of star shape. And I mean totally smothered in them. We've only been in our house 10 months so I only know how much is has spread in that time, and it is a lot.

The first pic has spread across the lowest level of the garden, which is quite damp (and where the spiky lilac thing is), I started to try and clear it but it seems to be coming back. Not seen it flower yet, but it was so overgrown down there I could've missed it last year.

Again, thanks if you can help, i'm concerned about these two taking over the garden (much like the Acanthus mollis!)


  • Posted: Sun. 23rd May 2010 11:43

Acanthus mollis

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

In forum: Acanthus mollis

The leaves of this plant are generally considered by historians to have been the design inspiration for the Corinthian column capitals of Roman architecture.
In Spain I have seen the subsp platyphyllos.

  • Posted: Wed. 13th May 2009 17:51